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Looking for a new way to tell your kid’s some stories? A new experience can be achieved through this book called Eliseo and the Creature with Blue Fur with your iPad or iPad 2. The pages come alive and it will seem like you finish your books in no time. Your kids will experience, imagine, and visualize the stories they read after they read Eliseo. So what is this story about? You would have to find out the details once you read the book. However, we can say that it is a mixture between fantasy and reality, providing a refreshing experience for kids and adults alike.

This book is basically an adventure where you have a map and you can choose from many destinations on an interactive map. The way that the animations work with this book is so real that you will not stop touching the screen to watch them move, whether it’s moving creatures or brushing leaves. When kids are small, it is not easy to visualize the story as they start reading it. However, once you open the first page, the kids will keep their attention on the book and will want to read it on their own. The best thing about this book is the versatility of sharing it with your friends their kids as well, which can be great in different life saving situations where you could be baby-sitting.

Speaking of baby-sitting, nannies could take advantage of this story as well, since it is very affordable and easy to carry. What would really continue this legacy of interactive children’s books is a bigger selection and diversity when it comes to genre and the messages that the storyline portrays. It also helps to have a great presentation, complete with hand painted images by new artists who have a lot of talent that’s just waiting for the right project to reveal itself. The book itself is enriched with diversity, interactive features and a good storyline, which is basically a great package for these new kinds of books.

The book itself portrays the magic of just choosing one of the worlds on the map and immediately entering an interactive world full of suspense and laughter. The story pretty much explains itself on its own once you get the hang of the background movements. Why even spend so much money on books that you may just read a few times and then give away? This book is an eco-friendly and affordable way to bring those intimate moments with your children to life. The story, the music, the illustrations and the programming are very original, which would make this a great addition to your library as one of the interactive books that you will remember.

If you are tired of the same type of stories over and over, try something new and buy Eliseo and the Creature with the Blue Fur for just $1.99 on the Itunes App Store. While other famous books are as high as $8.99 a pop for being popular, this book is very affordable and you really do not have much to lose if you want that alternative. It is also a great gift to give to long distance relatives without having to pay shipping and handling for the book to get there. Just buy the books code in the App Store and send the code to your son, nephew, grandchild or even your classroom if you are a teacher. There are many ways to share this book and we do recommend it for children who are having problems visualizing while reading.

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