Empire: Four Kingdoms- The Master Social Strategy Game

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Every one of us has dreamt of building huge castles and managing kingdoms at some point of our childhood. The iOS app Empire: Four Kingdoms will help you accomplish just this. Build anything from guard houses to siege workshops in order to enhance your castle town. Protect it by add manned towers and protecting it with bigger walls. Attack your enemies with siege weapons and armed soldiers. The sky is the limit to what you can do. It is said to have been inspired by Goodgame Empire, an exciting browser game developed by the same developers.

You enter a unique world of fantasy governed by plenty of people from the real world, scattered across the globe. You have to build your own empire and ensure that it flourishes in all aspects. As can be guessed, your progress will attract jealousy and hatred from other players who will curb your growth by sending large armies to attack you. You have to fortify your kingdom against all of this. Another interesting aspect is that you can shake hands with friends for mutual benefit, ensuring the safety of both parties.

With hand-drawn graphics, the app portrays your castles really well. No sooner than you make any changes, you can see it clearly on your screen. There is a map of the world that is quite basic to guide you around. To further assist you with the controls, there is an elaborate tutorial that makes you play the game with instructions. This is extremely helpful for first time players. It won’t be long before you begin forming alliances and erecting castles within no time of starting the game.

At present, there is no achievement system in place for players to compete. Developers Goodgame Studios are working on the same and this is expected in the next few updates. This will make the list of reasons for you to play the game longer. Empire: Four Kingdoms is available in the App Store for download free of cost. If the game really becomes a part of you, which it sure will, there are a couple of in- app purchases to assist you.

This iOS app has seen a number of updates since its release in the App Store. It could really do with an update to extend the life of the game though. The loading time of the game is unusually high and the frequency of it crashing is too. Some of the bugs in the game result in players losing their hard earned rewards, forcing them to spend more money to cope with the immense competition. The price of resources is unusually high too.

What matters most in your success is your strategy and how you play your alliances to your advantage. There is a lot you can do to build your own empire and protect it from enemies in this one. Requiring iOS 5.0 or higher, it is available in 13 different languages for all iOS devices. It is an interesting game but is quite buggy at present. Once fixed, the potential is endless.

Good: Good graphics and concept

Bad: None

Worth Having Application – Download the App


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