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What if I told you that there is an existing news app that allows you to connect and socialise with other readers? Sounds fun and exciting right? Fortunately for you, such an app does actually exist. Engage apps, an iOS app brings together the best features of a news app and a social media. On one hand, you get the benefit of viewing the most updated news articles and stories and on the other hand, you can express your opinion and interact with other users on the app.

Developed by MIR Publishing LLC, this app takes news apps to a whole new level of fun. You wall not feel lonely while reading a news article anymore. Read along with others and express your opinions on the article or on another person’s comments. This comes with news from reliable popular sources throughout the day. Engage yourself with news and interact with others at the same time.

The user interface makes news reading a pleasure. News articles are picked from major sources including The Drudge Report and NPR News. More sources are being added as well. All the news you need is put under one umbrella for you and presented literally at your fingertips by this app. There are 13 main categories that the news stories have been divided into. This includes Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Science, Business and much more. The menu on the left allows easy navigation between categories and articles.

Another cool feature of this app is the Bookmark feature. This can be extremely useful if you find a story interesting but do not have the time to read it at that moment. We all have a tendency to forget to read it later on, missing out on important updates. Engage allows you to bookmark these articles so that you do not miss them out later on. You can then access them at any time you like.

Engage shows you the location of other active users who are reading the same article as you and posting comments on it. All this is done in real time. The end result is real time interaction with other users of the app. If you wish to find a detailed location, you can view it on the map. If you find a person’s comments interesting and would like to initiate a conversation, then you can also message them privately through the Messages function.

The feature that makes this app stand out most is the interactive one. You can share your opinion about a news articles, discuss it and comment on other people’s views too. The comments are all out in the open forum and cannot be edited. No censoring is done either. If you are worried about privacy, you can always post comments anonymously. The choice is indeed yours on that one. All said and done, it would be right to conclude that Engage Apps is a superb app that makes the most of all the simple functions of your iOS device to give you the best news in real time.

Good: Posting anonymously

Bad: None


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