Enhance your Fitness regime with MotiFIT Run

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Boost up your fitness regime with MotiFIT Run. This application has been developed for the health conscious people to spice up their workout regime and make it more enjoyable. In the present day world when staying fit is becoming a challenge for the new generation, turning workouts into fun is surely an approach that can benefit in the most effective way. So, if you are already in a daily workout routine or you have just started with it or just planning to start with it, get this App on your mobile and make workouts fun. To know how this application can actually make exercising more interesting and intriguing read the next section.

MotiFIT records and displays all your workout data, informing you every detail about your workouts, which at one hand can make it fun and at the othercan be a great way to keep a track of your daily workout routines. The app picks up the total calories burned automatically from the Health App database and presents it under the MyFitnessPal section. It records your speed, pace as well as heart rate intensity during jogging or running and presents them through real time graphs. The graphical presentation makes it most simple to compare your past and present performance data and can also work as a guide if you are planning on daily improvements by highlighting your previous achievements.

MitiFIT Run offers you a comprehensive report of your daily workout and its impact on your body. Every support you need to have for sustaining your workout regime and enhancing it to get the best effects is provided in this app. It makes a perfect running or jogging companion. There is a voice feedback to inform the user periodically about his/her performance and there is also a built in music player that enables you to listen to your favorite music directly from the app while running. The Live route maps enable one to find way while running across an unfamiliar terrain and will also help in keeping track of all the places you have been through. You can also share your running records on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram directly from the app. The cloud storage facility enables you to store and sync the data from the app across all your devices.

The application needs iOS 8.0 or later for smooth running. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and also support Apple Watch. It is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This health and fitness application is available in English and the V. 1.0 was released in the month of June, this year. It takes total 37.7 MB space in the memory of your device.

Good: The application is fully compatible with VoiceOver for iOS to support visually impaired users in their workout activities. For accurate real-time heart rate monitoring the app support a range of low energy heart rate monitors and can be an ideal partner for supporting effective workout sessions.

Bad: Using GPS running in the background continuously can eat up lots of battery. Other than this no bad reports about the app has been reported.

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