Enjoy the Mystery Adventure of Sherlock with SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure

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For the fans of Mr. Holmes’s detective novels, HAAB has come up with an unmatched app, which will not only keep the user glued for long hours but will also give him a scope to see the world through the eyes of Dr. Watson, being an integral part of the Sherlock adventures.  The latest application, SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure, which has been releasedonly in the first week of March, has already become a hot favorite of the mystery game lovers. The app is designed in a format of an interactive book with animated 3D illustrations which is sure to impress you on every step.

The game minutely draws the world of Victorian England to give the user a real feel of the Sherlock adventures. Interiors, street scenes, vehicles, clothes, weapons, furniture and décor of the nineteenth century London has been created with minute clarity in the pages of this unique interactive adventure book. The app does not change even a single detail of the original text, but it adds great detailing and beautiful visual illustrations which adds to your experience. In the words of the creators, the app can be best described as a perfect combination of a classic adventure novel, a film, an audio book, an illustrated encyclopedia, and a historical study along with the elements of gameplay.


  • The app comes under the books category, and offers a fascinating and filled with fun read.
  • SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure comes with the authentic and original texts.
  • There is also an audio version read of every page; and the voice has been given by Simon Vance himself.
  • The application comes with total 30 plot based scenes each with numerous 3D animations.
  • There are also dossiers on every key character, and a search mode to help the reader to find out articles and clues.
  • The game is also provided with an interactive map of 19th century London which can help immensely in your process of investigation.
  • The game has 20 original Sherlock Holmes music themes which is sure to take the reader to the era of Sherlock.
  • The book is presently available only in English language.
  • The app requires iOS 6.1 or later to run. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The application is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • A freemium version of the application is available from the iTunes, so the users can enjoy some selected features of the book absolutely free.
  • The free version of the book, offers an in-app purchase option to unlock the full adventure mystery without leaving the app.  The top-in full version costs $2.99.
  • The game will take 908 MB space in the memory drive of your device.

Summary: SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure is an interesting adventure game which come in a format of book with voice over and interactive detailing, and offers the reader to investigate and see the mystery through the eyes of Dr. Watson.

Good: The designer of this application is offering 40% discount on the purchase of the full version for the next two weeks.

Bad: The interactive app has been rated 5 stars by all its users, and no reports for bugs has been yet received.

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