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Simplicity often makes the most attractive thing in life; and if you are one who loves the simple yet interesting ways of entertainment, Jump Ozy can be a real entertainer for you. This gaming application has an interesting gameplay and can be enjoyed by any one of any age and any of level of expertise. The game simply needs you to make Ozy jump to save from the enemies. In the same way Ozy can collect power ups and points. Making Ozy jump is also simple; you only need to tap the screen to make him jump. So, keep your eyes on the screen and enjoy the speed of the game and you will not even realize how time will fly away.

Just tapping Ozy will make it jump, and you can swing around the multiple levels while avoiding the enemies. Hitting your enemies will make you lose a life. You can rather aim to hit the power ups which will give you protection for 5 seconds even when you have hit an enemy. The power ups will also enable you to fly faster and collect more points. So, your aim should be to locate the power ups and hit them, while avoiding the enemies. The game needs high concentration, because of its speedy gameplay, and one can easily master the art of playing the game with a little practice. The game can be enjoyed by families together; and it also comes with the scope to compete against each other. So, make your Ozy jump through different levels and enjoy the interesting features of the game.

The app has a beautiful design. Not only the character is portrayed with care, but the background of the game is also very colorful and attractive. The game offers multiple levels and there are scopes to get challenging achievements. The game is accompanied with great music track which makes the gaming experience complete in every sense. Playing the game is simple and does not require any special learning to make your Ozy jump in the most efficient way. It is a fun to play for every one of every age and the chance to get a top place in the leaderboards make the game more interesting and enjoyable.

The first version of the application, which is running currently was released on 20th February, 2015 and is sold by Prive. Int. Corp. The application requires iOS 8.0 or above to run smoothly. It is compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone and is specially optimized to run in iPhone 5. Jump Ozy is presently available only in English and it takes 7.1 MB space in the memory of your system. The game might include direct link to websites that might not be suitable for audience below the age of 13. Support from the seller is available.

Good: The application can be a great time pass. It is simple and enjoyable to play and can also be a great family entertainer. The game is available for free.

Bad: The game might include links to the internet and hence should be used by audience below the age of 13, only under the supervision of parents. No other bad reports have been received.

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