Eristica Is Pushing the Boundaries of Viral Video Content

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We all remember the infamous games of truth or dare we played when we were younger. The rush of excitement that came from trying to complete a dare and the laughs that came afterwards. This is the feeling that the Russian app Eristica is trying to emulate and improve upon with their revolutionary app. 

This FunTech industry app promotes the creation and rise of positive challenge-based videos to provide some genuinely great entertainment among the sea of negativity online. Although the surge of enjoyment that you get from creating and viewing the videos is already impressive, there is another big reason why Eristica has been able to succeed where others have not. 

Their app uses decentralized blockchain technology to pay its users for successfully completing their challenges. Unlike many other apps, which tend to use card2card technology for payments, Eristica is able to secure its payment transactions against possible fraud. This is a huge benefit for its users because it allows them to rely on the app’s security measures without being worried about their financial information being tampered with at all.

The other main reason for the app being so successful and garnering over 1.5 million users has to do with what the app does. Its path from challenge to payment is extremely straightforward and a pleasure during each step along the way.

The very beginning of the process involves creating some kind of fun, but harmless, dare for either a specific person or anyone in general to complete. The challenge is then posted into the app along with your money down payment and other people can choose to accept the challenge if they want to. If the time runs out on the challenge, it is no longer available for users to complete. 

Once a challenge has been accepted, the user must put down their own money and record themselves completing said challenge. This video is then posted to the app and made available for the community members to view. Once they confirm that the challenge has been successfully completed, the appropriate virtual currency payment is made to the user who completed the challenge or the user who made the bet in the first place.

The resulting video can be viewed by anyone on the app and they are able to comment on it to show their support. Eventually, users are able to gain so much recognition from fellow users of the app that they can become mini-celebrities. This setup allows users to experience the app both as an active player and a passive viewer.

Although this app originally spawned as a way to help content creation in Asian countries, where online restrictions often limit online content, it has expanded to all areas of the world now. The experience of using the app is a very positive one that allows you to create and view some of the best viral video content available.

No longer will people have to sit back and see the same meme four times in one day. Or be exposed to a massive amount of boring content. Now, they just simply download Eristica and enter a whole new world of exciting video content.


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