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A recruitment company may work for another company or there may be a HR department inside the main company that handles the payment of all the workers working for the main company. Dealing with so many individuals is very difficult because you have to maintain a good relationship with both sides. On one hand, you have to make sure that each individual gets his deserving payment at the right time. On the other, you must make sure that you don’t overpay because profit is the first preference of any company. That is why most companies use timesheets allowing more transparency over payments and are very easy to track down. There is a record for every payment made and they are mostly automated allowing for a better work flow. But there’s a lot more to these timesheets and I’ll let the developers of ETZ take it over from here on to tell you the rest.

ETZ ( is a web app that is all about timesheets. It is a one-stop solution to all your timesheet related problems. The complete procedure of timesheets is not a one-step process. After a timesheet is received from an employee, it needs to be verified for authenticity and correct figures. Then the calculations will be made regarding the payment, overtime, etc and the corresponding officer will sign it. Then you’ll generate the invoice and get the payment done for the candidate. But with ETZ, it’s just a 60-second process. Let’s find out how!

With ETZ, you can automate the contract. So once you have defined your terms for a particular candidate, they’ll be followed for every timesheet and with the help of ETZ sign, authorized officers can e-sign the timesheets and send them back quickly. The payable amount will automatically be calculated for the invoice and payment will be made to the client within a matter of minutes. Moreover, bar-coded timesheets can be used for faster results and especially in case where faxed timesheets are sent by the candidates. You can even send reminders if any timesheet is due.

As an employee in the recruitment company, it’s your responsibility to manage all the documents carefully and maintain the records. But with ETZ, this job is no more yours. It automatically keeps track of everything including assignment overview, payment summary, timesheets, consultant commissions, gross margin, etc and makes sure you don’t pay anybody more than once. You can keep all your documents at one place such as a VAT certificate and find them easily when required.

With a UI that’s smartly designed with the purpose of simplicity and made for the users, ETZ makes sure that you’re always relaxed. You can book a Demo at their website and if you’re convinced enough to go for it, let’s hear about the plans. ETZ is for every organization; no matter how big or small it is and allows branding as well. So if you’re a small agency with not more than 25 candidates, you can go for their starter account priced at £59/month. But if you have a good candidate base of more than 500 candidates, £2495 is their price. In between, £495 will do for you.

Overall, ETZ is one of the most simplified and reliable solutions available in the market. So no need for me to ask you; you know what to do.

Pros: intuitive UI; 60 second timesheet solution; automate the contract; allows branding; reporting and document management; demo available.

Cons: none.

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