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If its time to vamp up your online presence, then Easy Web Content Presenter looks like a very good place to start. Easy Web Content Presenter is a cloud-based Do It Yourself, HTML5 animation tool that provides a dramatic and extremely easy way to create and maintain rich mobile-friendly and web-based interactive content. Putting users in complete control of the content they create, the tool is limited only by the user’s imagination. Easy WebContent Presenter allows for creation of web and mobile friendly presentations, animations, presumes (presentation resumes), product demos, banners, infographics and a lot more. The company’s platform has helped a number of users in web content creation and management through easy yet powerful interactive tools. Easy Web Content Presenter has been developed by HindSite Interactive, Inc., an internet consulting company that specializes in providing custom web solutions to organizations and businesses.


HTML5 is the latest digital content delivery standard for websites, e-books, smart phones, and other new devices. From interactive presentations to professional websites, the Presenter platform helps users, even those with minimal knowledge in programming or design, to create and maintain engaging experiences with their audience. The app offers easy yet powerful interactive features that are web and mobile friendly, making it ideal for users from any field. The Presenter can also be integrated through social networks, websites, blogs, and digital documents. The app lets users publish their work on the web and push it up to the next level by encouraging their visitors to share and develop more creativity through the social networks.

The traditional process of creating animations and presentations is rather time consuming. Focused on simplifying that laborious task, the Easy Web Content Presenter offers a set of online tools that lets users take control of their web presence. With this app, there is no need to download any software and anyone who wants to create engaging content can do it easily on the go. Easy Web Content Presenter is ideal for users of all ages and levels, from business professionals to creative individuals.

Easy Web Content Presenter is perfect for creating animations, charts and graphs, carousels, banner ads and advertisements, presumes, product demos, interactive infographics, web presentations, mock-ups, landing pages and teasers, animations for web or mobile and a lot more. The application lets users design and publishes rich content that is interactive, without the need for knowing even a single piece of code.


Easy Web Content Presenter is an easy to use, feature-rich application that works right in the browser, giving users the ability to create different types of interactive and engaging content that is mobile friendly and at the same time, user friendly as well. The app is completely HTML5, the standard content language that all the latest browsers and devices support.

Good: The app lets its users have complete control over the themes and structure of the content they develop, as opposed to similar tools that have strict templates with little to no flexibility.

Bad: Nil

Worth Using Web Application – Try Easy Web Content Presenter


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