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The fun of playing a game of pool can be enjoyed both in the real and virtual world.  Many cue sports players consider themselves to be pool sharks, but that’s until they get beat and have a reality check. If you’re going to play  pool on your Android device check out Pool Casino a new game from CMGE  for free. The colorful interface, the lucrative view and the easy to follow action makes this game a must have for pool lovers.

Pool Casino, by CMGE, is a new game in the Google Play Store where you can play with a live opponent. Start a player vs player match and see if you are the king of the city. You can place bets with your opponent and take the jackpot if you win. Another great element of Pool Casino is the store where you can purchase cues and power ups- as you win more games you get more money to purchase these powerups. You can prove that you are the best pool player by defeating the best players in every city.


  • You can play with your friends or you can challenge any other player in the world.
  • Bet players in every city to increase the pot and win big.
  • Bet your opponent as many chips as you want and if you win the game you will get the chips that your opponent wagered.
  • The game follows traditional pool rules The intuitive game play is quite interesting and lucrative too.
  • You can invite your friends to join the game through Facebook.
  • You can raise the stake to show others how confident you are.
  • The mastery mode video tutorial portion of the game will provide you the perfect opportunity to master trick shots.
  • You can play in themed cities such as Las Vegas, Paris and Tokyo.
  • The game is compatible to android 2.2 or later and it takes around 17 Mb space on your device.
  • Pool Casino is free to play!

Summary:Pool Casino is a cue sports game where you play traditional pool in several cities including Paris and Las Vegas and bet your real life opponent chips to see who is the best pool player. Its available for free!

Good:The graphics of the game are great and it’s free to play. Mastery Mode is a nice addition.

Bad:Some people have complained that the game can lag on their mobile once they run it for a long time.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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