EyeSeeU – Powerful Video Surveillance App for iPhone

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Need to monitor your elder family members while you go out? Tired of having someone to watch over them while you go to the supermarket? EyeseeU gives you peace of mind because you can watch over them from anywhere as long as you have internet access on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can also monitor your baby with this application without a monitor that you may misplace later on. Including live video streaming using MJPEG technology and the ability to access public cameras all over the world, Eyeseeu has many cool functions that you can share with your co-workers, neighbors and family members.

Eyeseeu provides video set-up for no more than six cameras and allows you to select each one from a drop-down list, allowing you to switch cameras almost instantly. Paying for video surveillance systems can cost you hundreds of dollars and you may even throw it away once it becomes outdated. Eyeseeu provides the latest updates along with new features every single time, therefore increasing the number of fans for this application. In fact, most users thank the developers for the new features as well as their peace of mind. Past versions of this application have not been very successful; however, they have shown that they can improve their application and make people’s lives easier with Eyeseeu.

If you have a pesky housemate or roommate and you suspect that they are searching through your things, just leave cameras in your room and prove if they really are looking through your things. All you need to do is set up the cameras in your iPod, iPhone or iPad and then, when you see them, you can use the new zoom-in and out feature to catch every single detail. When you get the picture that you want, take the picture and save it on your iOS device for later use. This technology is improving every single day and only you can choose whether you want to keep your belongings or family members safe.

If you would want to see the Eiffel Tower, or other public landmarks around you, you can watch them straight from your devices in live feed, allowing you to visit them later on if you want to check out the weather or the people there first. If you want to monitor your belongings or family members on a bigger screen, you can watch them right on your TV with the TV out cable, giving you live pictures on a big screen which allow you to do other things around the house and watch your baby or your kids, right from your living room without disturbing them at all.

If you would like to scare someone out of your room, you can also trigger generic actions like an alarm or switching a light on and off among other cool functions. Who else could provide so much security for a fraction of what you would pay on the most expensive surveillance system that would later become outdated. People usually complain about having to set up the cameras every time, but the features as well as the feeling of safety that you get are pretty much priceless. As far as pricing goes, you will never believe how much this technology costs. For only one payment of $2.99, you can get all of the features stated above along with the public camera views and other cameras that may be placed around you. Of all the applications around the App Store, we have not seen an app as useful as Eyeseeu, so we do recommend this app.

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