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If you are interested in what the future holds for you, you do not have to go see a psychic anymore. The Face Reading Booth is an interesting app that provides an accurate means to read a face, be it yours or your friends. With this app, you will discover that your face can have horoscopes and tarot cards. Developed by RGamma, the Face Reading Booth promises a lot of fun and accurate prediction.

Characteristics such as reliability, intelligence, and honesty are vital attributes that we all seek in ourselves and sometimes in others too. Reading a face will equip you with valuable information about human beings, an ability that can be of use at different points of time in life. Through an understanding of what facial features denote, you will gain an insight into your own and others’ character. Face Reading Booth makes this job fun and easy.


The Face Reading Booth app works by taking a picture of your face first. Then, it displays the picture on your screen and explains what the different parts of your face mean. Human beings have a blend of elements and all faces reflect a type of natural pattern. The elements are in fact symbols that act as representatives of different qualities of energy present within each person that are reflected in the face. For instance, the app after analyzing your facial features, tells you whether you will undertake exciting journeys in the future, whether you possess natural, inborn abilities in a specific field, whether you are a natural born leader etc. Face Reading Booth helps you find answers to different questions about yourself or your friends, all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. The app requires iOS 4.0 or later.

The main features of the app are listed herewith:

  • The app will provide you with a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the person, personality traits and also information about their symmetry.
  • You can save the readings of any person and revisit them whenever you wanted. So there is also a chance you can do comparisons among your family members and friends.
  • The app also provides different face reading modes such as ‘random’, ‘serious’ and ‘repeat’.
  • You can also share your face reading summaries with your friends through emails.
  • The Graphics in this app has been designed very well to suit a person’s retina display.
  • The app is completely based on the Real techniques which are used in the Face Reading. The app also allows the users to calculate the distances between the various features in your face and also their shapes.
  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • The app provides highly accurate readings.


Face Reading Booth app is a very interesting and entertaining app which is sure to be a huge hit among all the users, young and old. This app can be downloaded from the App store for just $ 0.99.

Good – The app is very simple to operate.

Bad – The results may not be very accurate if a person closes the eyes or when the mouth is left open.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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