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It is the one stop complete solution for remembering all your important events. Indeed you can keep checking all your sacred diary dates via your Facebook account. It is simple and easy to operate. You can write your message and schedule the reminder using the calendar. After this procedure you can log in with Facebook and click the set reminder.

The facebook will actually send you a direct message on the day that you set. This makes you not to forget special events. It will become your facebook diary soon after operating these site service providers.

The global users can use this free application that can simply type the texts as many as 188 characters and set down the exact date as reminder.

Quick Review of Facereminder.com

  1. One stop solution for remembering important dates.
  2. This makes you not to forget special events.
  3. What all other new features can be added to this service provider?

Visit this site at http://www.facereminder.com / and post your reviews as comments


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