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Hanging out with friends and travelling to new places is the signature style of the young generation. It is an indication of independence and responsibility in the youth. You can see many young faces around you coming from other cities and abroad to enjoy the vacation. But obviously due to inexperience, a new place is like an alien planet with hidden secrets. You can hire a guide for the duration but they can’t be believed blind-folded every time. To avoid any such mishap, it’s better if you could hire one of your friends who have visited the place before or take suggestions from other visitors. If you can’t afford to pay for him, let us book him for you for free.

Let’s head to the client offering the free service. It is Business Competence with their iOS app, Facearound. The app is a geo location service which similar to Google Maps counts on all the places around you. When you first launch the app, you not need to register rather simply sign in to your Facebook account and you are good to continue. The app will first determine your position and locate you on the app. however you can go to any other position as well.

The core function of the app is as follows. When you select a location or type it in the search box, the app will mark out all the nearby venues such as bar, restaurants, shopping malls, market, salon, etc. You can tap on any one of them and see what it hides behind. It may be a special deal as well like 15% off on all clothes or something like that. Next to that, you can view the reviews and ratings by all the users and your facebook friends, if someone has done so. In accordance, all the places will be marked with a different color depending on whether it has been reviewed by one of your Facebook friends or not and if it bears a special offer tag attached to it.

It uses a very simple and intuitive interface with everything placed right in front of your eyes. You can read reviews or write your own if you have visited the place before. This way you can serve as the guide for your friends. The app covers the total map area and is available in four different languages including English, German, Northern Sami and Spanish which serves to be useful for local users.

The app is available for free in the App Store and has been optimized for iPhone 5 as well. Apart from the average deals, as better deals are available on some sites, the app is a total success. We checked it out on our residence and most of the local and popular stores were there. It is mostly like Google Maps, the difference being that you don’t have to zoom in to find each of the stores. They are already pointed out with some authentic reviews as well. If you have a friend circle following this app already, you should definitely check it out for the next night out!

Pros: geo location app, intuitive user interface, different colored pointers for deals and reviews, 4 different languages, write your own review and publish ratings.

Cons: average deals.

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