Fall in love with mobile puzzle games again as Hexologic is now out on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobiles!

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Hexologic is a brand new puzzle game that combines hexagons and sudoku-like puzzles. Fun and compelling graphics, relaxing music and thought provoking levels are what make the basis of this great game, brought to you by the folks at MythicOwl.

MythicOwl recently created and released the successful mobile app, Parenting Hero, aimed to help parents get through some of the challenging tasks many face in today’s world.

Now, they are tackling the puzzle game world with Hexologic, where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful challenging puzzles and fall in love with Sudoku all over again. The game contains 60 levels (plus some bonus levels), designed down to the smallest details, of well-balanced puzzles. While you tackle one level after the next, enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack accentuating the game’s ambience.

The amazing people at MythicOwl studio prove that it’s possible to take a great idea and creatively re-arrange it, come up with something truly unique.

MythicOwl’s Jakub Siwek did most of the programming for the project. He thought of combining hexes and Sudoku-like gameplay for Hexologic.

“They say you don’t make the games for yourself, but for the players. I always wanted to combine hexes and sudoku-like puzzles to create a game which would still be fun to play for me despite the hundreds of hours I put into creating it. I’m very happy with the final project because I really feel that my dream has come true. I hope the users will like it as well.”

Tomasz Mularczyk is the founder and CEO of MythicOwl. Their 2017 release (Parenting Hero, a helpful app for new and experienced parents) was a huge success, but Mularczyk is especially excited for MythicOwl’s newest game that hit app stores on May 29th.

“Hexologic is the only game that makes me want to show the next move myself instead of letting the person I’m presenting the game to do it. I love its mechanics, as well as the aesthetic side, and I’m sure it will be very enjoyable and yet definitely a time well spent for all puzzle lovers.”

For iOS and Android users, Hexologic comes at the very low price of $0.99. On Steam, you can own the game for $2.99. On June 12th, the game was released on Nintendo Switch.

To learn more about this great puzzle game by MythicOwl, visit their website, the App Store or Google Play on your device. We know you will not regret stepping into this amazing world of hexagon puzzles!

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