Falling Moron Test – Engaging and Addictive Android Game

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Solving puzzles is always fun whether it be some clue finding or any other mind game. They are always engaging and addictive and you can spend a whole day looking for one solution. All you need is some sharp presence of mind without any technical knowledge of what’s going, after all, it’s just a game. It sounds more interesting if you are up against one of your friends and fighting for who gets it first. But everything goes alright until you end up as a ‘moron’ to be called.

Falling Moron Test is an android application and comes in two versions. One is ad free while the other one comes with pop up ads. While the latter is free, the former one costs you around $1. So, it’s up to you to choose which one suits you the best. As far as the game goes, it is similar to other games like the moron test. A quiz is conducted which is framed quite intelligently. The game is fast paced and you have to keep yourself up with the track, otherwise, you might get fail. There are five sections in the game and you can select any one of them. Each section has different stuff to offer. While section 1 consists of questions to test your smartness, section 2 comes with 3D animations and picture puzzles.

The game is developed by Wahid Connected and has reached about 50,000 downloads the last month. Also, competitions are being held by the developers to get more buzz around the game.

The game is not just a question-answer bank but rather a funny adventure which makes it appealing. The peppy music just goes smoothly with the game and never overtakes its true essence. It is always customary to keep the user directed towards the actual motive rather than to take away his attention towards the fascinating display elements in these kinds of applications and same is the case here. The colors are very simple and light. However, it can add to negative side as well as you does not get in love with this by just looking at it first time. The resolution of the game is also not completely in touch with the high resolution phones and tablets. Also, more levels with higher difficulty could have been added as you can finish this complete game in a short span of time (for professionals). But still, the current options are not that bad and it’s not that easy to finish it if you are a beginner and will ask to get the things easy.

So, the app is already very popular and is doing well in the market. But there could have been some more up gradations of the current version available. Hope, the developers are hearing us and might take it out soon!

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