Family Link : Stay Linked With Your Near And Dear Ones

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Yet again, there is another great family game from Necta Game that has added a new dimension to the genre of classic tile matching games. The game is a classic game added with its new flavours; the undying appeal of the tile matching games has found a new definition in this simple yet interesting game. The game literally makes it a family game by enabling you to introduce your family and close ones into the game. You can enjoy the game with your family and at the same time you can create customised tiles with the faces of your family and friends to represent each one of them.

Family Link game provides a wide range of options to select what exactly you would like to include in your game. The amazing game is designed to provide a friendly feel to the player so that they do not only play but can enjoy the every moment while playing the game. The simple format of the game makes it a favorite within the kids too. So you can enjoy the game with your kids as well. It also comes with leader board where you can compete with the other players and get to compare your scores to find really how good you are in matching tiles.


  • The interface is simple yet intriguing.
  • It provides the option to customise the tiles you would play with, which is unique in the category of tile matching games.
  • The faces of family members can be added in the tiles so that you can relate directly with the game.
  • There are two options to choose from while playing the game, the leisure mode and the challenge mode. The leisure mode gives you the scope to play casually while you are not really in a mood to test your tile matching skills, and the challenge mode provides you with the excitement to compete with others to prove your skills in this classic game.
  • The strategy of the game goes somewhat like the matching games, you have to create a clear path or connection between the faces of the same person, they all need not to be side by side but the path has to be there. Clicking on the face will make it disappear once you have formed the right connection.
  • The game comes with additional tools that can be helpful to get tips about how to advance further. The game requires Android 2.2 and above to run.
  • Any android device with the required version can be used for installing and playing the game.
  • The game was released on June 4th, 2013 and the current version running is 1.0.
  • It is freely downloadable from Google Play.
  • It takes only 5.4 MB space in the memory card.

Summary: A new and exciting tile matching game, Family Link is out on Google Play, which enables the users to customise the tiles with the faces of their family and friends.

Good: The game is available for free and the developer provides every technical support.

Bad: There are no negative reports from the users so far, rather it has been appreciated by the players.

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