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Don’t have enough feedback from your customers? Want to try out a new and interesting way for them to form an opinion? Feedback is crucial for websites and online services because there is no other way to gain customer feedback without some well formed opinions. For that, you will need software that works and that people want to use after they use your service or website long enough. So what can you do to develop new ideas for your business or service? Make the people vote on the new ideas. Most people won’t do any of the long surveys, so a quick direct question for them to vote on is fast, accurate and it isn’t too intruding. Each idea is stored in a certain category where you or the customer can browse through. If someone suggests an idea, you will know as soon as it comes up and you can check out the votes and the details as the polls stay open. Now, you can set a limit to the amount of votes so that people can vote on what they’re really interested in.

As far as voting goes, users have the ability to chip in from zero to three votes only, starting from like it, love it and finishing with gotta have it with the number three. Users can see feedback and statuses of their ideas as well as their votes and likes. Speaking of likes, Feedback Road uses social network integration, in which users can share their ideas on Facebook and have their friends vote. They can also post their ideas on official business pages so that other people can vote as well. New ideas can be created before doing a search, which does not allow users to post duplicate ideas. Comment threads allow users to check out the feedback on their ideas and they could post their own feedback as well. The thread lets them know when a new comment is posted, ensuring the best communication on a message board.

Whenever you log into your account to check user ideas, you can let them know that they can keep on reviewing the new ideas so that you can read through them and act upon them. This ensures constant feedback and a new relationship between customers and users. Changes to an idea are posted as status messages when you check your dashboard, which allow you to stay posted, as new updates or vote removals come along. The website is great for owners who are new to this service, allowing them to have a wizard that helps them create forums in 5 easy steps. After the users get the idea on what to do, they can easily remove the wizard and create forums on their own. You can also use your logo, upgrade the CSS, and have access to many new features from $0 USD to $24 for professional users. The differences are the amount of features that you will get.

With the free service, you only get to capture ideas, comments, unlimited voters and email support. If you would like to customize your page, whether you have the knowledge or you hire someone to do so, you should get the $24 USD service. Have in mind that users definitely like unique websites, and if your feedback website looks just like the rest, then it will be harder for them to give that feedback. Overall, the website is a good idea, the layout looks clean and the service could be worth trying out free to see if you can adapt to the features. Feedback road provides a free 15 day trial on any plan as well, and it doesn’t require credit card information. So take the first step to success and try out Feedback Road.

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