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This site manages your projects and business services. It collaborates with your team and your customers. You can organize and share documents also with this site. You can mark this as suite of open source online collaboration with neatly consolidation all of the products. This site also simple and works well on any platform.

They are the services based on an integrated set of software and technology which improves productivity, communication, facilitating collaboration, information and knowledge management.

They have mission to provide services and technology to upgrade the quality of team work at small and medium sized firms. By accessing an integrated view, business managers and directors can get a clear picture on the status of projects.

Take advantage of the power of linked information. You can access all the conversations maintained with a contact, as well as the related tasks, e-mails, meetings, documents, comments and more. You can keep record of working hours; analyze time and resources devoted to a client, service or project.

Quick Review of Fengoffice.com

  1. Manages your projects and business services.
  2. Optimize communication with your employees and clients.
  3. Do we need regular upgrade process?

Visit this site at http://www.fengoffice.com/ and post your reviews as comments


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