Fight for your Life in Shadow Fight 2

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If you want a fighting game that is full of enthusiasm and action then you have to check out the Google play store to search for one. There are numerous action games in the store but a shadow fighting game is always a great addition to your kitty. You can check out the new game Shadow Fight 2 presented by NEKKI. The game is one where you have to imagine yourself as a shadow fighter and fight your way through the dangers that may arise in your way. The game is a sequel of famous Facebook game that was played by 40 million users.

The Game Shadow Fight 2 has a unique story behind it. Once the ancient evil was released and you lost everything except your shadow. Now, you have to fight against the evil in order to retain your life and that is not going to be easy. You are going to face a number of opponents each having unique skills and power. Apart from arms and powers you have to deal with magical power and you will also have some. You cannot rest, as resting will mean death. You cannot stop before you win the game. Your health meter will be shown on top of the screen. The great action game is not just great because of its varied actions but it is also great because of its brilliantly designed animation which will take your breath away.


  • Shadow Fight 2 is a game of martial arts where you are going to use the action and skills of different martial art forms.
  • The game gives you opportunity to savor yourself with several martial art techniques and rare armors so that you feel good about the fight itself.
  • There are several weapons you can try out and the animation of the game is made in such a way that it will seem like a real fighting.
  • There are six different worlds in the game. You have to cover your journey through these worlds and win in each of the world to complete the game.
  • Epic swords, armor suits, nunchacku and magical powers are available in the game and you can customize your character according to your wish.
  • The controls are intuitive and thus it is not going to be difficult.
  • You can punch, kick, jump and slash your enemies in the battle.
  • You can choose the difficulty level of your game as per your skill.
  • There are style and combo challenges available in the game and they can be passed when you defeat your opponents.
  • The version 1.6.3 of the game takes around 93 MB space on your device.
  • The game requires android 3.0 or later to download.

Summary: Shadow fight 2 is a sequel of popular shadow fighting game on Facebook and it has action of martial arts which can be used to defeat enemies.

Good: The animation of the game is cool and interesting.

Bad: The difficulty level is very high after few levels which make the game difficult to play.

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