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File2Cart is an automated online service that provides a fast and accurate means of importing data from a file to major shopping carts. Developed by MagneticOne, a fast-growing company in the eCommerce domain, the File2Cart automatically imports databases of information to over 35 supported shopping carts. The tool lets users easily accomplish tedious procedures in online store management and greatly simplifies data import to stores.

The File2Cart is an efficient SaaS (software as a service) that eliminates the problems of transferring products, orders, categories, and other essential data from a separate database, another shopping cart or a wholesale dealer. The service offers options that make the import procedure more efficient and quicker. Currently, File2Cart supports osCoeerce, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, Magento, and a list of other eCommerce platforms.


File2Cart uploads data from a specified source file and imports it to the target store. The service provides 100% uptime for the target store. A dedicated Amazon server is present for each data import and the transfer happens over a secure SSL connection. Whether you need to update your database with new product information monthly, weekly or even daily, a scheduled data import deployed on Amazon EC2 servers handles the process very fast. The import process is thus finished in a simple, quick, and reliable manner.

The Assisted Data Import Service facilitates professional data import setup. It reduces risks, ensures safety of data and saves time too. The service includes essential actions on the actual data import – the source file, the target store, and the demo import. Once you view the demo data import and its results, you can perform the full import in a single click.


The File2Cart synchronizes product updates from the manufacturer with the import to a store. This allows the databases of the stores to stay up-to-date without the need for any manual effort. Secondly, the service simplifies store administration. Once you set a schedule, select a suitable time and the number of products that have to be imported, File2Cart does the task for you. File2Cart enhances your work and saves energy. It is ideal for store managers and other users who want to be on top of things without spending too much time on tedious processes.

Depending on the number of entities allowed for data import every month, the Scheduled Data Import is available in three plans – Basic (10,000 products for $29), Standard (25,000 entities for $59), and Premium (50,000 products for $99). Users also have the option of choosing an additional package that supports import of 100 more products for $10.

You can try out the service for a free demo before making any payments. File2Cart offer a free demo import of ten of your store’s products. The demo version also lets you request an assisted data import service. Fle2Cart will take care of the import costs through its data import estimator tool.

Bottome Line:

The File2Cart is a tool that store owners can efficiently use to automatically import products, categories and other related data from external .txt, .xml, and .csv files into shopping carts. With simple features and smart options, the service is sure to benefit and simplify administrative tasks.

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