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Ever have the need to keep one earphone on and the other one off in order to hear when your next train is coming or if someone starts talking to you? From now, until October 12, 2011 you can get this app for free with no ads. Filter app was made for iPhones and iPads, however, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use it on your iPod touch. If you have some earbuds with a microphone, the microphone can record all the background sounds instead. Filter App allows you to enjoy your music without missing anything in the background with a few simple steps. Activate the application while hearing your music, power it on, and allow yourself to enjoy your music. You can even have it on while someone is talking to you and you want to pretend that you are paying attention and have them believe that you’re listening!

Apart from evasion techniques, this application is very useful for people on-the-go and students who are always missing certain announcements. For example, if you are listening to your favorite song and hear an announcement in the background, press the ear icon in order to listen to things live. When you deactivate all buttons, you go back to where you left off in your music. The play button allows you to go back and hear out what went on in the background while you were listening to music. Make sure that you know how to scroll back to a certain time on the bars on the bottom of the screen. One of them is used to speed up playback and the other one is used to slow it down. The snapshot function allows you to record the sound you hear and even email it to someone instantly! With the snapshot option, you can also trim the audio to get the section you want. You can also activate your speakers if you want to share your music with others as well while you’re listening to music.

Once your iPhone/iPod or iPad locks itself, it tells you that the application is still running in the background, so there is no need to reactivate it and lose battery life. Why should you get this application? First of all, the free version with no ads is basically a steal. Would you pay for an application that would save your life? If you are walking or running with your music full blast, would you be able to hear a car horn in the background? Or do you walk around with your music at the lowest level and hear everything?

This application is very much worth it and we can’t wait to hear the price on this after October 12, 2011. Make sure to download it, if you like it then you get a free app, if you don’t take the chance, don’t complain. The application has five ratings with five stars and we hope that new things come out in the new updates because the recent versions are basically flawless. You should remember, if you have an external mic, not to get it close if you activate the speaker function on your application or you will get a lot of feedback. These are the types of ideas that are very unique and become functional once you integrate that into an application that you can take anywhere and use at any time. There are many purposes to using this application apart from the ones stated, it’s just a matter of thinking and trying this application out. The sky is the limit!

Wonderful App for music lovers – Download the App Now.



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