Find a Way, Jose! – Exciting Slider Puzzle Game for iOS

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Find a Way, Jose is a refreshing new block-sliding puzzle in which Jose is an endearing anti-hero who wakes up one fine morning, following a big celebration and just cannot find a way to his dearly loved bottle of booze. As the title suggests, it is up to you to help Jose Find His Way. The game packs sixty levels of block-sliding action as you try to bring Jose closer to his liquor bottle. Depending on how well you are performing, Jose will sing, laugh, or may sometimes suddenly break down into poor sobs too.

Find a Way, Jose is a free app that is already enjoying successful hits similar to Rush Hour and Unblock Me. The game is quite simple, which uses bigger grid, new block-sliding mechanics such as the ability to slide away irregular shaped blocks in all four directions, unmovable obstacles, various canvases, music, visual appeals, and a strong funny narrative about Jose. This guy on his exciting trip will explore six exotic worlds and solve sixty mind-provoking riddles. Among the block-sliding genre of games, this game injects something very new as the player enjoys exploring the game at different levels and will encounter many different types of blocks, which interacts with each other in a more unique and interesting way and creates new and complicated dynamics to keep the game engaged. The game has internal level builder especially for creative people who like to create original levels on their own. So what are you waiting for? Put your smart hats on, and set your brain up for turbo-mode. You will have to be extremely clever and witty order to play this puzzle game.

  • Clear irregularly shaped blocks in four different directions in which some are unmovable and act as an obstacle.
  • Stretch your brain with sixty levels of challenging puzzles that will keep you playing for days in which 15 levels in the Free Version.
  • Enjoy six originally crafted worlds with fine graphics in which two worlds in the Free Version.
  • Collect J-Coins as you play along to unlock hard levels.
  • With our exclusive Level Builder you can craft your own levels (Level submitting – Pro Version only)
  • Surpass yourself and collect all the 300 stars.
  • To reveal all mysterious game ending solve all 60 puzzles (Pro Version only)
  • Submit your score with Game Center support using Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Originally poised soundtracks for each world.
  • Jose will sing, cry and cheer throughout the game, depending on your performance and progress.
  • Free Levels and updated themes (Pro Version only)

Device requirements: The game is consistent with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with 52.3 MB and requires iOS 4.0 and up.

Availability: Find a Way, Jose 1.0.0 is free game available exclusively through the App Store under the Games category.

Puzzle fans will definitely enjoy this game and players looking for a visual treat will not get disappointed.

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  1. Janet Oreily

    Playing this game on an average of 3 hours a day is considered an addiction? What will I do after I finish this game? More levels please!


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