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If you have not found any success in the dating world, you may need to look to online dating to find your perfect match. Dating websites have been a popular solution for those looking for their personal match for years, and many happy couples have found true happiness by using one of these great services. The world of online dating is ever-changing, as many new sites now allow you to connect your social networking profiles with your online dating accounts. If you are ready to dive into online dating, you may be interested in these great applications, all of which will help you stay connected to potential suitors.


Zoosk is by far the most popular social media dating application, with more than 50 million users around the globe. This cross-platform solution is a great match for those who already have an account on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, or many other websites. In addition to allowing the account to be linked to your dating profile, Zoosk also provides applications for smartphones, making it easy to stay in contact with those you meet online, no matter where you happen to go. Zoosk requires a paying subscription for full functionality of its services.

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Social Connect:

Social Connect is another great solution for Facebook users looking for a great dating application. Social Connect offers many awesome features, such as FaveScape. FaveScape makes it easy to find hot dating spots in your local community, which is a perfect option for those who have run out of romantic ideas to keep the spark in their dating lives burning. Unlike some other applications, Social Connect also makes it easy to build an in-depth profile that discusses deep aspects of your personality, making it a great match for those who are looking for a dating option that is not solely focused on appearances.

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Hot or Not:

On the flip side of the equation, Hot or Not is an application for those who are looking for a way to flirt with other singles who they find attractive. Hot or Not is an application offered by the website of the same name, and makes it easy for users to rate those who they find physically appealing. While critics of such applications say they exist solely for the purpose of orchestrating vapid affairs, some have found true love finding such applications. In fact, one happy couple based in Wales say the service led to their eventual marriage.

When it comes to connecting online, there are certainly plenty of options available to do so. If you are looking to connect with your future partner, it is a good idea to target the applications that seem to appeal most to what you are looking for in a future mate. If attractiveness is the most important quality, Hot or Not might be a great match. On the other hand, if you are looking for a true connection, you might want to try a solution like Zoosk or Social Connect.

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