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We love to hang out with my friends and everybody does. But one doesn’t appreciate the same spirit of competition against a friend in an exam than what’s in a game. Of course, you may cheat or let him cheat, but a game goes a different way, especially when the win or loss doesn’t matter; all that matters is fun and time pass! This is the plot of every friendship and that’s why we love it. So, getting the same family drama on the big picture again, here we have First Sight making its debut in the App Store. It is young yet confident to make it big.

We guess you got it right! Yes, First Sight is an iOS app that has recently been launched. The app has been developed by Cazooie. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version of the OS. Now, what we have here is a complete surprise package for all the users. In fact, the complete game is based on a series of surprises that you and your friends may encounter and the person who responds fastest in the correct way wins. Got it now? Let us elaborate it a little.

The game is a collection of puzzles, all involving some images being covered by square tiles. As these tiles are being uncovered, the actual image is revealed. You and your friend will turn by turn uncover one of the tiles placed on the top of the image. After uncovering, you’ll have the option to answer about what the image is or you can pass it to your friend if you don’t have the answer. The person who wins 4 such rounds out of a total of 7 rounds wins the game.

Appears to be easy at the first sight; it isn’t! The game offers 6 different levels of difficulty according to the user’s choice. But remember, becoming a veteran in this one is something like driving a car for the first time. You may earn a license but getting booked as a F1 racer is something totally different. Similarly, you may clear lower levels with ease but it goes harder and harder. Then, you may need to apply some cheats, which you can get with the tickets you earned by winning the earlier games.

The user interface is clean, colorful and expressive in its own way. The navigation works smooth and you can readily customize the tiles and some other features. You can also share the puzzle directly with your Facebook and Twitter friends or send it via email and get it solved by someone else. One of the best points of the app is that it contains all the photos from your surroundings including the household items as well. Also, you can upload your own images and if they are good enough, you might soon see them in one of the encounters. Images are being added regularly so you are never short of content to play.

Though you can work hard to earn tickets, you can also earn them via a shortcut using in-app purchase for $19.99. After all, everything is fair in love and war.

We loved the game very much. The addictive gameplay it offers is the key to its success. The game is available for $0.99 but you can also check out its free version.

Pros: addictive gameplay, regularly added new images, add your own images, get it solved via Facebook or Twitter, Free version available.

Cons: solo gameplay should also be added.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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