Fishpro: A Game of Fishing Brought in Superb Packaging

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Facebook is one of the most used application forum which can be operated on your personal computer or Smartphone. New applications and games have managed to grab attention of a huge number of Facebook users, and their popularity is increasing. However, the craving for new games has not decreased, and FishPro is one such new game which will fulfill the urge. This is a game based on fishing techniques, and it is quite appropriate for those who love the fun associated with fishing. The boring job of fishing for long duration is made appealing with the achievements waiting for you to be grabbed.

Fishpro is a level based game and there is no limit of levels you can reach. To make your fishing even more interesting, there are inventory to manage and a market which you can check out from time to time in order to purchase tools, bets, and other such things that would help you fish more. The quest makes the game even more interesting and you require participating in them in order to increase your level and earn money to buy items from the market. Playing will friends make the game exciting and sending and receiving gifts will be your daily routine. This would also increase your inventory gradually.


  • Fishpro is a fishing app on Facebook with numerous levels.
  • The provider of the game is not keen on animal killing and if you release the fish once you catch, you can win rewards.
  • The fishing tutorial is quite interesting and lets you understand the fishing technique, quite well.
  • You first require casting your fishing pole, and then you can adjust its depth by rolling and releasing. Press the reel button to do so. Once you catch a fish with the hook, it is time to strike and then reel again in order to pull it over the surface.
  • There is a fish market where you can sell your fish but it is good to release it and earn more.
  • You can always check for price in the market and sell at the best price, but you require having good amount of ice to keep the fish fresh.
  • You can check the weight of the fish you have caught.
  • There are clams, coins, reputation, and XP to achieve in the game and the more coins and clams you have, the more is the possibility of buying the best inventories from the market.
  • If you want to go on fishing, you require having energy and one energy is generated in every 10 minutes.
  • The ice melts so you will require accumulating them if you want to wait for the fish prices to grow up so that you can sell them in the market.
  • You can add as many friends as possible.
  • You can change the pond where you are fishing.
  • Participate in tournaments and win great rewards.

Summary: FishPro is a Facebook game of fishing added with lots new inventory options and tournaments.

Good: There is no end how much you can achieve in the game and the free gifts are really quite interesting.

Bad: As the action is same, it may seem to be a bit boring if you don’t have friends.

Fun Filling Facebook Game – Try FishPro Game

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  1. Adam Peterson

    I play the game with my 14 year old son every day. We both love it but more than that it has gotten my son interested in fishing and provided a subject bond between us. It’s a great family game. My wife started to play it with our daughter.


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