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Follow a religious fitness regime with Fit that shows the easiest way to track adequate progress during workout. A healthy body in chiselled shape with abs and six/eight pack is most desirable in today’s scenario. For intended result, you should maintain a check-up on everyday basis as the amount of calories you have burnt, your weight at the moment, etc. The process will help you develop a fitness regime that lets you achieve fitness goal.

Fit is an automated calculator and weightlifting logbook that maintains updates about information on your fitness check. Begin with a workout list so that you learn about the exercises that you want to go about or you may start with your workout and accordingly add exercises to the list. Fit is apt for showing you the desired results- amount of calories destroyed, weight that you had successfully moved and one rep max. The readings serve as ideal indicator of your workout development.

Remember, everyone has a different body and Fit is apt to read that out. Hence, your workout is charted differently than that of your friend. With Fit, you can schedule the list of exercises on any particular day so that it reminds you what needs to be done when the day arrives. Quickly, compare your exercise history to understand your workout progress as per the easy-to-use graphs.

Now, you have your health data displayed on your device. Now, the question is how Fit works. Well, Fit accumulates the total calorie rate that you have burned along with your heart rate (only if you enter it) in the Health App. Fit functions by requesting the following from the Health App:

  • Date of Birth- helps in calculating calories by heart rate
  • Weight- helps in calculating amount of calories burned
  • Height-
  • Active Calories- helps in calculating calories that is burned and display the record
  • Biological Sex- helps in calculating calories that is burned up by reading the heart rate

Fit does it in the easiest way- it takes into account the degree of weight you have lifted, your body weight and height, number of reps done, and the speed maintained when performing the exercise. The variation of heart rates during exercise and your age provide the required fodder to Fit for calculating the total calories burned by your body. This will indicate further exercises that need to be done so that you can create a list in Fit. Remember this, that Fit leverages weekly workout rotations.

Now, get fit in your device but you have to learn how to download it and the compatibility required between OS and your device for downloading the app. Fit can be downloaded at $1.99 from the iTune store. The version 2.2.0 occupies 1.7 MB space on your device. IOS version 8.0 is required to download the app in iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

Good: Fit helps in tracking your workout progress so as to achieve desirable fitness goal.

Bad: There is no negative review on this app so far.

Worth Having App – Download the App