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Fitness :100 Ready Workouts from Sports Plus offers various options for personal training. It is available from sellers Nelurra Holdings Limited Plus Sports. There are both personal training and group training options, specializing in several aspects of fitness training along with therapy for massage and so on. Training in a gym can be quite distracting, with blaring music and other interruptions. The app helps planning and execution of your training with a certified trainer. With this app it is easy to focus on your fitness regimen and to take control of the body. You need to open iTunes in order to buy the application and download it.


ü The size of the application file is 31.8 MB.

ü It is available in several languages, such as English, Italian and also Russian, German as well as French and Spanish.

ü The application offers a diary for exercise and food.

ü There is also an exercise chart for helping you in home training.

ü A group consists of just eight people

ü You can exercise at your own personal pace.

ü The classes are just one hour in duration.

ü All guidelines are provided for healthy eating.

ü The progress you make in the fitness regimen is properly monitored by expert instructors.

ü A fitness assessment is also provided in the beginning of the workout.

ü The workout regimen is also quite fun and can be effective.

ü A well qualified fitness instructor supervises the classes.

ü The program aims at either weight gain or weight loss and also increases and tones the muscles.

ü The app contains 100 workout support features readily available, such as calorie counting and tracking your workout and so on.

ü You can put your recipe in it and the app will tell you the calories present in it.

The Good

The app improves the core strength of the body and its stability. It also results in an improvement in your self esteem. A proper timetable is provided for all the days of the week. You can tone up, get fit, lose or gain weight with complete motivation provided by expert instructors. You don’t need to compete with anyone else for the attention of the instructor or even for the use of the best equipment. One on one help is available from the instructor helping you take complete control over your body.

The Bad

The only negative aspect would be in case of those who would like a gym atmosphere, with friends surrounding you.


Fitness :100 Ready Workouts App is available for the iPhone, iPad and the iTouch and can be used as a personal fitness program for increasing power and strength of the body, increasing flexibility, ultimately increasing your endurance and stamina as well. The application can be obtained from the Health and Fitness category and is available in the latest version of 1.2. It is a perfect application for the gym freak as well as for those who just want a weekend fitness regimen. All features required for achieving all your fitness goals are included in the application. More than 3,500,000 people from all over the globe have been using this app.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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