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Fixi is a great tool to manage competitions online whether you are a soccer, football, volleyball, netball, tennis, squash or other sports coordinator. What makes Fixi a great tool is that it manages every aspect of competitions; from players, to court assignment, to scratch games, you will find them all on Fixi Competition Management. If you are working on sports competitions on facilities with many courts, Fixi might just be a key to help you get results. Fixi is an affordable web application in charge of time consuming work for these sports competitions.

The calendar provides the day’s events, enabling the user to create recurrent bookings as well as scratch matches. The calendar basically provides information on vacancies and it maximizes resource usage which you may just miss if you have a lot of events to coordinate. What makes this system different from the rest is their multi-resource layering, which allows the user to work with many resources at a time.

Fixi helps with team management regarding financial, registrations, preferences, notifications, communications and other features which are important in order to have a great competition. Fixi competition management provides users with centralized customer databases, ensuring data integrity and reliability. Fixi also ensures customer satisfaction with their tool that enables scheduling only when it suits the customer.

Their Communication feature allows you to automatically send emails and SMS alerts to all players and participants. Setting it up is easy and you do not have to worry about constant communication again. You can instantly upload and publish fixtures, ladders and results to your center’s website to provide up to date information for every customer, which is great if you want to cause a great impression.

Fixi is great because it does not require installation or downloads from any kind of program. Updates are carried out instantly and there is no downtime for their website. You have automatic backups in case you lose all your data. Fixi works on PC, Mac and even Ipads, which is great to keep up with games and other data that users might need instantly. Fixi provides excellent email and telephone customer support.

The best part about Fixi is that they have a 30 day trial where you can organize all the competitions you like with all the features that you would get if you were paying for their service. Fixi does not require a credit card when you sign up, so your information remains safe and you still get your trial. Prices range from $19.00 per month per court to $29.00. The $19.00 plan includes Fixture generation, team management, customer management, calendar, notifications and their web upload application. Their $29.00 plan includes advanced fixture generation, team preferences, registrations management, financial, internal messaging system and even booking management enabling you to improve productivity as well as customer relations.

There is no reason to not try Fixi, as it is a great tool and it gives you 30 days on any plan that you are interested in. Fixi does not require a credit card and you can even read up on reviews online if you are still not sure. You could start on their profile pages on both Twitter and Facebook and ask around. It is recommended that you add them anyway just in case they provide update information for their webpage. The website is easy to navigate and it provides essential information that you need to know before trying the product out. Signing up is quick and easy, just enter your business name, your court resources and your information along with your username and password for the website.

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