Flaming 7s Slot Machine : Interesting Slot Game for Android

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A lot of games and applications are coming up with the increase in the number of Smartphone users. Leetcom is a leading game developer which develops excellent fun games for Androids. Flaming 7s Slot Machine is one such game developed by Leetcom which is a perfect game if you want to try your luck or simply kill time.


Flaming 7s Slot Machine is an android game which can be downloaded at a small price from the Google Play centre available in most android phones and tablets. Flaming 7s Slot Machine is an interesting high definition, fast moving game which has its basis in reality. The game is a fun filled version of reality with the advantage of having better graphics and a lot of bonuses. The game offers a lot of features which keeps it extremely interesting and appealing no matter how many times you play.

Flaming 7s Slot Machine is inspired by real life Vegas slot machines in casinos with the advantage of using of digital coins, thus giving us the joy of not having to spend real money. This virtual slot game gives its users over a 1000 free coins with its download making the game more appealing. A lot of free bonuses are also provided to the user on hitting certain preset scores.

The game also allows its user to view high scores and retrieve their score lists for comparisons. Progressive jackpot bonuses and free spin bonuses are also awarded to the gamer at each level or on hitting a specific score. The game also offers a system to double payout and a system for progressive payout on hitting certain specific hits but making those hits is extremely random and depends on the user’s luck. The game offers a lot of credits and special bonuses at each step which allows the game user to move to subsequent ranks easily. And with the increase in each rank, the jackpot, bonuses and credits also increase. Another interesting feature about the Flaming 7s Slot Machine is that there is no limit or cap to the amount of jackpot that can be won. This feature makes the possibility of winning or hitting a very huge amount likely.


Good: The Flaming 7s Slot machine is an excellent virtual version of the real life slot machines available in casinos. The game is extremely interesting and is the ideal past time if you have a time on your hands to kill. The game has a lot of attractive features that make the game gripping and addictive. One of the best features of this virtual slot machine game is that it has very realistic sounds that mimic the noisy casinos and loud slot machines of Vegas. The game also comes with an option of turning off the sounds in case the user doest want them.

Bad: Although the game is available in free and a paid version, the free version of the game lacks a number of fun features and can be used only up to a particular level of hit. However the game can be downloaded in its full version at a rate which can be considered cheap when comparing with the number of fun elements the game offers.

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