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Booking flight tickets is not as easy as it sounds. One has to visit the websites of numerous flight companies and compare rates. If you are among those that dread going through this process, then the Android app Flights by Aviascanner.

With this app, you can search for flights and also book tickets using your Android phone. Reduce the time and effort you put into this whole process. It is easy and comfortable to compare flights of different air companies using this app so as to select the best among them. The aim of the app is not to sell air tickets itself but to help users find the best and cheapest ones with ease. Once you select a ticket and click on the ‘Book Now’ option, you are redirected to the website of the original agency or air company for direct ticket booking with them.

The user interface of this app is unique and has been kept simple indeed. You start off with entering the place of departure, destination and date of departure. Additionally, you can choose between a one-way or two-way trip and allow for certain flexibility in terms of the date. The results are promptly presented to you with all necessary details and the exact price without any extra or hidden charges.

Another interesting feature is that you can filter your searches to suit your convenience. Decide a price range and get results only for that range. Other filtering options are departure time, duration, number of stops, connections time and more. Find a convenient flight in no time and then go ahead and book it immediately using this app.

To book tickets, you have to just click the ‘Book now’ button besides the search result. This will take you to the website of the agency or air company to carry on the process of purchasing the ticket. The app only helps you find the tickets but is not involved in booking it. The layout of the interface is highly intuitive and user friendly. It is very convenient to work with indeed.

When it comes to booking a ticket, this app guides you through the process methodically and gives you all you need. So, even if you are doing so for your very first time, you will not feel lost at all. It caters to a variety of airlines to indeed find you the cheapest available flights.

Another additional feature that would be appreciated in this app would be if it could present offers on flights. Numerous apps in this niche keep users updated about any offers for flights, which can truly come in handy a lot of times.

Even with all these fabulous features, Flights app is absolutely free of cost. This really is a blessing to all regular flyers. It does a fabulous job compared to other flight apps and provides complete search results by searching more airlines than the others. If you are a regular flyer, then this app will make ticket booking much simpler than you can imagine for you.

Good: Provides cheapest flights

Bad: None

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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