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If you are like most smart phone owners, then your phone is probably a rainbow of colourful apps that you downloaded once upon a time and haven’t used since. There’s the app that you thought would be great to help manage your finances, then there’s the many dieting/nutrition/fitness apps that you downloaded each time you decided to go on a health kick. But which of these do you actually use and which should take pride of place on your home screen? Well it’s time to clean up your act, prioritise your icons and organise your life.

First up you need to make way for! This is one app that you won’t forget to use. In fact, rather than scrolling through multiple swipes of your screen to find the app, because it is the latest that you downloaded, you will want to have it handy at all times. It will definitely make the priority cut on the home screen of your phone along with your instant messenger icons, email and banking apps. There are many types of messenger apps and social media apps that you probably feel you can’t do without so which will have to make way for The truth is, none of them will have to move.

Making room for your apps all one screen

If you are organised with your phone then you will have found a way to build relevant folders. If you have iOS then simply by dragging one social media app over another, your phone will recognise the category of the app and suggest a file name. This way you can build a folder for your social media apps, a folder for your messenger apps and so on. You can keep everything together on one screen rather than having to swipe through multiple screens looking for the right app.

Out with the old

Let’s face it, the app that you downloaded 18 months ago, but haven’t looked at since can probably go. If you are a hoarder then your phone will be no different to your wardrobe, your bag or that drawer that holds all the ‘useful’ things. Row up on row of colourful bricks may look very pretty but it’s not really doing much for you. Well, make time to have a clear out. Not only will you make your phone much easier to navigate but your phones memory will thank you for it. A good clear out will make lots of room for new apps and even speed up your phone.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of

Once you have cleaned up your phone and downloaded, you can start to enjoy its benefits. As the global online dating app that brings people together, you will be able to join online chat rooms at the touch of a button and hook up with others on the go. Designed for local singles all over the globe, no matter where you are, you can hook up with men or women wherever you are. With the app taking pride of place on your Android or iOS home screen, you will be able to click and message whenever you feel like it. With the apps notifications, you will never miss a message or an alert.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve cleaned up your phone, you’ve organised your apps and you’ve downloaded Now it’s time to get chatting online to the many singles that are waiting to meet you.


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