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Flowkey may indeed be the best piano app on the market. The features, utility, and user friendly interface is unlike anything else available. To design an app catering to piano players is innovative in itself. People may use this app with or without a piano. They may review the app on a trial basis or upgrade to a full premium account (for a price). Yet, the features do not stop there. This app is available on all markets – Apple Store, Google Play, and even the Amazon store.

Flowkey is able to sync with a user’s piano playing through the tablet microphone or through a midi connection. Users are able to learn popular songs at their own pace. Difficulty levels can be set to beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The speed or tempo of a song can be changed so that a user may learn the song slowly and carefully. Portions of a song can be highlighted so they repeat. A ‘wait mode’ feature pauses a song until the right note is played The interface displays both the notation of a song plus a video of a piano and hands.

Flowkey includes tutorials that emphasize different elements of piano playing. There are many songs to choose from that include genres like pop hits, classical music, film & tv, and game music. Despite all of these complex features, the app itself remains very simple to use. There are no syncing issues, driver downloads, configuration, or additional downloads involved. Flowkey is constantly updating and improving, unlike other options in the market that are left out in the cold by developers. Support and customer service is super useful. If a user is confused by the interface, support is able to guide them through the issue easily. It would be far fetched and a stretch to find anything wrong with Flowkey.

Perhaps new features can be introduced in future updates. Although the app shows the notation of a song, it does not display name of the notes, a feature that would be helpful in truly mastering the piano. Flowkey does not include midi sampling in the app which would allow for improvising and music creation. Flowkey does not allow for special effect (reverb, echo, chorus, and the like) to be added to the piano. The app should have a feature that allows piano players to upload their songs to a community.

A community network within Flowkey would also allow users to complete with one another. Also the app does not record or play back music created by the user. Flowkey does have free, trial, and paid subscriptions. A user can purchase a month long membership for $19.99, three month membership for $39.99, and a lifelong membership for $299. This price may seem high at first, yet it is not. In comparison with piano lessons of similar quality available in the market, the price is competitive. In conclusion Flowkey does appear to be the best app out in the market for learning the piano. The app is very well developed, has much support, and is constantly improving.

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