Fly Your Bieber Model and Earn Points in Flying Bieber, Just Believe

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Justin Bieber, a name that is so popular these days that you can hear it from any corner of the world. Some love him, some hate him and some are frustrated to hear his name again and again. He has been the inspiration to many games these days and one such game on iTunes store is Flying Bieber. Flying Bieber, Just Believe as the name suggest is a flying and escaping game with Justin as the central character. You are getting to see the big head of the fellow and your target here is to escape him from coming microphones.

Flying Bieber, Just Believe, presented by Michael Hamlett, is a new game in the store which is available for free. The game can be played in different manners with so many features it has to offer. All you need to do is to save Bieber from getting killed. However, if you are frustrated with the game and the character, you can blow Justin up with a single click. The explosion button is present in the game for doing so. There are four amazing levels in the game and each level is going to be difficult than the previous one. The game has a special invincibility button which will make Bieber indestructible for the 10 seconds. You can increase your score in those 10 seconds.


  • Flying Bieber, Just Believe is a fun game where the central character is Justin Bieber and you will have to make him fly.
  • The goal in the game is to escape as many microphones as possible.
  • There are a total of four levels in the game and each of them is quite amazing.
  • Not only the face is made quite prominent, the background of the app is quite cool too.
  • Once Bieber gets killed the level get over.
  • The moves are based on physics and you are going to enjoy it a lot.
  • There is an invincibility button in the game which will make Bieber invincible and he cannot be destroyed for next 10 seconds. This is the time when you can make high points.
  • The app also comes with button which can help you cause an explosion and blow out Bieber.
  • The game provider has promised some new improvements in the coming versions. For example, there would be flying objects coming from the audience, more Bieber heads, Selena Gomez flying head, new sound, flying birds, and achievements. You will get them all soon.
  • A single tap and the game will be started.
  • The version 1.0 of the app is available for free.
  • The app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it takes around 47 MB space on your device.
  • There are several in app purchase of invincibility.

Summary: Flying Bieber is a new game on itunes where you require saving him from the coming microphones through four amazing levels.

Good: The graphics of the game is quite cool.

Bad: It is one of the best Bieber games and no report of failure is there.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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