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The endless running games have created their own space in the gaming world today and some of the big names in the category have millions of users. These games provide pace, require concentration and give an adrenalin rush to the user. The challenges in the path are the attractions in such games and providers want to make such a game that is more interesting and more colorful. One such colorful game is brought to you by Ulrik Motzfeldt and the name of the game is Flying Eskimo – Arctic Jetpack Adventure. This is an endless running game with a difference as here; you can choose the character you want to run with.

Flying Eskimeo – Arctic Jetpack Adventure follows a story to be precise. One day, four friends found a cave which they had never noticed. They were bored of their lavish life with no adventure in it. So they decided to have an adventure run in the cave. The run is full of risk and full of adventure. They require to collect coins, and to smash their enemies on the way. On the other hand, they have to avoid the grass covered walls of the cave. To make the run even more interesting they set themselves on jetsetters and the speed of the game increases as they run further in the game.


  • Flying Eskimeo – Arctic Jetpack Adventure is an endless running game which is not going to end until the character gets smashed.
  • There are a total of 4 interesting characters in the game; you can choose any of them to run in the cave.
  • There is story behind this game unlike other endless running games. The four friends discovered the cave and then found the mission quite interesting.
  • There are numerous power ups in the game which will give you extra power to run more. Some of the power ups are shrink mode, brilliant jet, shield, and coin doubly.
  • There are 40 different achievements in the game. You can check them out from the menu and once you cross one achievement it will be displayed to you.
  • The game comes with leader boards which you can check from time to time.
  • You have to save yourself from crashing on the wall of the cave. At the same time you will have to save yourself from the unwanted enemies and fly as far as you can.
  • You will be riding on a jet in the cave.
  • You can unfold your wings in order to collect coins.
  • You can keep track of 20 of your best scores.
  • The game play is quite easy to learn.
  • The version 1.0 of the game is available for free but you may pay $1.99 to remove ads.
  • The game requires iOS 4.3 or later on the device and it takes around 32.8 MB space on your device.

Summary:Flying Eskimeo is an endless running game with lot of fun and lots of adventure. The game has achievements to unlock.

Good: The graphics of the game is quite good.

Bad: The device sometimes gets hanged when playing the game.

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