Flying unfriendly skies with Infiltrating the Airship

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Puffball United’s latest entertaining sequel and third in Henry stickman series to Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond puzzle games, Infiltrating the Shiprequires the popular stickman Henryto be helped one more time.A great quirky puzzler, the game surely leaves players laughing their heads off while Henry uses his many skills to infiltrate the Airship of the criminal gang Toppat Clan. Here is an Infiltrating the Airship- iPhone App review that will provide keen players with a walkthrough of the popular game.


After escaping the prison, breaking into a bank and stealing the diamond, the government has finally taken notice of Henry’s crimes and captured him. However, they are willing to offer him a deal: the international thieves of Toppat Clan have been a huge problem for quite some time. You have to help Henry get some evidence against them to take them down and your charges will be fully pardoned. In order to achieve this, Henry must start by finding a way into the enemy’s Airship and dealing with all the humorous adventures that come with the Toppats.


  • 60 unique and different failsand multitude clickable secrets are included.
  • The choose your own adventure style’ with mouse clicks to select your stickman avatar and different choices for entry into the ship like the Sticky hand and the Grapple gunmake the game extremely fun and interesting.
  • Time is provided for taking decisions at every step but some quick events help to keep players on their toes in the enemy’s Airship.
  • Pop culture references and constant physical comedy elements make the game hilarious as ever.
  • Each of the four ways to victory helps you earn a special rank.

Accessing the game-

The App’s License Agreement limits the age of users to 13 or older to download and play the game. Otherwise the gameplay is extremely simple and it can be enjoyed by young as well as old generations.The minimum System requirements to play the game include iOS 5.1.1 or later with 38.3 MB available on your device. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Includes more achievements than the previous stickman series games.
  • Includes a variety of epic options for you to choose from to gain entry into the Airship that makes the gameplay challenging and interesting at the same time.
  • Involves high thinking skills because of the challenges it gives but is a mind-numbingly simple, fun-filled and relaxing game at the same time.
  • Amazing graphics, dialogues and sound effects that keeps you laughing till the end.
  • User- friendly interface, high performance and easy to access guides are some of its other plus points.


  • Less complicated puzzles makes the game comparatively easier to play.

An exciting action-packed game giving you bouts of laughter throughout is fun to pass your time and is quite worth a play. Can you find the best way to invade the criminal gang? Check out the app on iStore and test if you have what it takes to survive the trials in the Airship and provide Henry with a great escape to get his freedom back!

Fleeing the complex on Poki

Worth Having App – Download the App



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