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Make your life even simpler with Flyp, which gives you the benefits of having multiple phone numbers to call and text. Flyp is an innovative application from Flypsi, Inc. which enables any iOS mobile user to have multiple numbers for his/her single SIM. The app is now even available for Apple Watch. For different parts of our life we often use multiple Email IDs and communication addresses; which help us to stay more organized and also ensure the best safety. With Flyp you can also have multiple phone numbers that you can use for different parts of your life. You can easily use a number for your work, another for your social life and a different one for your family. Using a totally separate phone number for all your online communications can also be very effective.

What all you can get with Flyp

With Flyp a user can get additional phone numbers in seconds enabling them to dedicate one number for each part of their lives. The app offers you more numbers along with the already existing one, so you need not to worry about the contacts that already have your old number. The Flyp numbers are real phone numbers and one can call or text in these numbers just likeany other phone number. The app also presents all your feeds at one place making it more organized and simple for you to keep track of the calls, SMSs and voicemails you receive on your device. It also offers the functionality to check which call was received for which number, enabling you to have a more organized communication and contacts.

The application has a smart yet uncomplicated design which ensures the best utility with least complications. A single user can get as much as 5 Flyp numbers along with his/her current number with this app. The call quality of these numbers is sufficiently good just like your current number and there are also bunch of extra features for Flyp numbers. There are custom voice mail greetings separate for each number and custom area code. The app also offers personalized text-to-voice quick reply message feature which enables you to reply in the shortest possible time. There is also DND facility for every Flyp number.

The app requires iOS 8.0 or later to run smoothly. The current version of the app that has been released recently is V1.1.1. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The application is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. It also supports Apple Watch. The app takes only 19.1 MB space in the memory drive of your device.

Good: The app makes it possible to have multiple numbers for your current number, making it simple to communicate with people from different spheres of your life. There are also monthly and yearly per number subscription package, so the users can easily opt for the one that suits their needs in the most appropriate way. Every flyp number gives the user the ability to choose a customized area code, customized voice call greetings and personalize quick reply responses.

Bad: No bad reports about this application have been received so far.

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