Football Tactics – When It Comes to Tactics !

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You must have played a Football game at least once in your life. Everyone enjoys that excitement level with ultimate suspense. But when it comes to strategy football, it is no more a simple game. When the laws of physics and tactical science both apply at the same time, then it demands some extra effort from your side to compete. It gives a true essence of real-time football where you have to strategize the whole scenario first and then attack.

Football Tactics is one such game that has recently been launched into the android market. The game has been developed by mrmobi and is the first of its kind i.e. it is the first turn based football strategy game ever made. The game features two unique modes i.e. a solo gaming option where you will be competing against the computer while the second one is multiplayer mode where you can play against your friends on the same device. You just have to select your favorite team with players chosen based upon the tactics you want. You have to make the right combination of all the players because even a single loose connection is enough to break the complete thread. Then begin playing in your preferred style of offensive or defensive.

With rich-colored graphics, addictive game play and unique concept, a single look at the screen is enough to take you to a different world of passion and love for the sport. The game really stands out with its display and performance. The user interface is much simple and easy to understand. You can analyze each of your actions to examine faults and improve for the next time. Also, the level of difficulty is something to cheer for. It’s not easy to file a win against AI and if you can, you really are a master in the game.

The game is available for $1.99 in the Google Play market and we can assure you that it is much less compared to the product value. Learning the basics and mastering the tactics can never be more entertaining and full of fun.

The game is just not limited to a particular user section. It doesn’t matter if you are a football fan or not, the game is also for all the coaches and experts who have more vision for the technical aspects of the game. And believe us; it requires more tactical knowledge than just love for the game. It is like you are a coach sitting on the side line of a live football match and you have to keep telling each player about the next possible move. You just feel the tension when you are playing. So, just start the game and make sure it will be a nail biter!

Pros: Vibrant graphics, addictive game play, concept, difficulty level, turn based strategy game.

Cons: It sometimes becomes a little bit off mood to play turn based game due to periodic delay in between the turns.

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