Fox Tales: Rocket Run – Survival of the Fittest

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Going for trekking in the mountains is a heavenly experience. You get to see the divine beauty of nature and a feeling of déjà vu comes up as if you’ve seen that before, maybe in a painting or a movie. You’re touching the clouds and the only thing left to complete your dream is a pair of wings. Now imagine if you get these wings as well, what’ll be your next step? Will you let all your wild thoughts about flying burst out at once or will you hesitate to fly so high in the sky? Will you risk your life for this dream or let it go. Well, it’s a difficult decision to make certainly. But when our cute little fox Kizu found a rocket, her decision was instant to strap it on the back and fly away. But it’s far more dangerous than she had ever thought. Will you help her survive?

Fox Tales: Rocket Run is the latest Android app that has been developed by Won-O-Soft and that’s where you’ll find Kizu. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 4.1 or any later version of the OS.

The controls are very simple. You have to hold your finger on the screen to make Kizu fly. If you remove your finger, Kizu will come back to the ground. But all the time she’ll be headed forward. Your decision to make her fly or take her down will be highly influenced by the hurdles present on the route. Actually, they are not merely just hurdles but life-threatening weapons such as spinning saws, burning saw blades, etc. Adding more, they are constantly moving up and down and therefore it becomes very hard to decide whether to skip past it from the bottom or above. If you can survive these blades, then there come birds flying at high speeds. You have to dodge them making sure you don’t get the slightest of touches or you’ll die. Moreover, you have to collect coins and power ups on your way which will help you on the long run.

If you’re going for an adventurous trek, then no matter how thrilling it is, it needs to be beautiful. If it isn’t, then the “surprise factor” will soon deteriorate to zero and you’ll get bored of it. Coming back to the application, it offers you both: thrilling gameplay and beautiful graphics from different seasons. The background has been designed very beautifully and though there is not much detail, but it strikes smoothly in your eyes. When you’re on an endless journey through such awesome lush green and snow covered valleys, what more can you ask for! And if you still get bored, it’s time to challenge your friends!

What more can I say! It’s a beautiful game with a lot of room for excited players. So go to your nearest Play Store and download Fox Tales: Rocket Run for free!

Pros: awesome graphics; deadly weapons to survive; thrilling gameplay; play with friends; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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