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Foxmetrics is an analytics platform that collects and stores data in real time. It is ideal for website owners even those who have mobile based or desktop applications, it can answer questions like how many people have installed your app if you have a mobile based or desktop based app, to how long does it take a user to download your app and much more.

Analytics platforms could be slightly difficult to get hang of, if you are not that tech savvy. However, foxmetrics is much easier to use. Once your business is set up on Foxmetrics, it is not that difficult to setup the web application. All you have to do is copy and paste the install-once script of foxmetrics on any page you wish to track. The dash board then takes care of creating events without you needing to put in lengthy codes. You can also use other APIs such as java Script with it, if that is what you prefer. Just go to any website from settings menu in the dashboard, paste the script on the head tag of any page and Foxmetrics does the rest. You can select any event you wish to track by selecting from the implemented system events, and track any basic data from there.

All you have to do is activate system events from the configuration section from the settings menu. You can even create events of your own, if you are unable to find anything from the event library. Events are those actions which a visitor on your page does. Events refer to a visitor subscribing to your page, clicking the register button, pages viewed and much more. It allows you to create individualized ids for your regular customers if you are an e-commerce site owner. You can enter a person’s first name, last name and their email address to their profile. Foxmetrics also keeps tracks of the visits. If a visitor is on your site and does different actions or creates events within thirty minutes they are counted as one visit. Foxmetrics also allows you to easily assign attributes to each person. These help to store valuable information such as what is added to the cart, which products are more in demand and so on.

Although you might find it slightly difficult to use at first, but once you get hang of foxmetrics; you will see it is one of the most useful analytics platform. Each business’s mission is to generate profits. The profits can be greatly increased, if you have valuable and timely information about what your customers come looking for on your site, from where they are referred. They could be directed from another site or a search engine. You can then create a strategy to generate more traffic from that particular source. When you have real-time information about what the customers are looking at, or buying or even the items which they add to the shopping carts, but then abandon for some reason, you can easily plan what products to add to your site and so on.

Foxmetrics is a great tool to store and analyze your data in real time. The best part is, it is quite flexible and you can easily customize the fields in its dashboard to attain whatever information you require.

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