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The Free Poker app by PokerStars brings poker games that will suit you, whether your pick is Omaha, Texas Hold’em Poker, or Omaha Hi/Lo for real money and for play money. As a player, you can take part in your favorite tournaments, ring games and a lot more. When you become a mobile player, you join the full Pokerstars global player pool, where there are desktop players and mobile players alike. Select a game of your choice, at your own stakes and at any time of your choice. Start playing and enjoy the fun and excitement of poker.

Conventionally, poker is associated with sitting in front of your computer but with the Free Poker app, you can access all your favorite games and largest tournaments right on your mobile anytime you want. This iOS app takes your favorite games to a new level of enjoyment by doing so.

An aspect of this game that gives it a pioneering edge is the manner in which the multi-table tournaments have been organized. This feature allows users to play at various tables all at once. There is an intelligent technology for auto-switch and for flick navigation so that you, as a player, do not miss a precious hand while toggling between the tables. This feature has been optimized very well and works perfectly, expanding and enhancing the poker experience.

As is with the desktop one, the software of the mobile app comes with a game lobby having filters to let players select and find games of their choice rapidly. There are also search functions for tournaments and players. The rate of earning Frequent Player Points and VIP Player Points is the same as that for those playing on their desktops.

Although PokerStars had released 2 apps earlier in 2011, Free Poker App for iOS has outdone them all and taken the top slot on their site. This app is not just the migration of the Poker apps to the platform of the mobiles but much more than that. It has been designed for tablets and mobiles and suited to the many manners of playing games on these devices. At present, it ranks top in the list of authentic poker apps available for the mobile platform.

This app has great features including lobby filters, table chat and many others. Whether or not your are at home, you can still enjoy your big tournaments right from your iOS devices. So, you can detach the idea of poker being associated only with your desktop. There is also a shared account or log in, using which you can access your account that you use from your desktop. This makes it equivalent to the desktop version in all aspects.

You can use the Free Poker app to find you favorite games, and play against over thousands of online players each day. There are play money games and even real money games to enjoy. There is a helpful tutorial along with game guides and other helpful information for those who are new to poker.

Good: Multi-table functionality, lobby filters and advanced options

Bad: none

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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