Fun Football Euro 2012 – Extend Your Support for the Best Team

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Playing games in gadgets is always fun, Playing football in gadgets gives you extra fun. Well it’s the right time to play the football and support your team. It’s the beginning of Euro 2012, so give your support to your favorite team. Fun Football has launched its Euro 2012 Edition in the right time to gain its reputation. Believe me it’s really a best free game available in android market. Playing any type of football game is always fun if you are a football lover, well I’m one of them. Fun football euro edition gives you enough fun. It’s not a normal football game. It simulates the exact Euro 2012 season to give an enthusiasm to all the football fans around the world. Support your favorite team and make your team succeed in the virtual world of Euro 2012.

Fun Football Euro 2012 edition has a simple graphical interface but it makes you involved more in the game with its effective game play tactics. Being a free game and giving one such great graphical resolution and addictive game scenarios are the biggest success for this game. The sound effects are designed in a manner to give you a real time football game experience. With 16 international teams and with real time players, this small android game simulates the entire Euro 2012 championship with best possible animations, sound effects and graphical effects. The players in each team has a four different unique characteristics, achieving 4 different characteristics in a mobile game is really a great achievement.

Fun Football Euro 2012 Edition has three different difficulty levels to test your gaming control levels and to give you an addictive gaming experience. The game difficulty varies between Easy, Normal and Hard. You have option to customize and control the weather and time of the game. You can experience playing in a rainy, sunny and a snowy condition. Each weather condition is graphically well displayed and portrayed. You have option to customize team fixtures and team line ups. In each team you can control 4 players. The game controls are easy touch options and you need to select the direction and position, where you would like to hit the ball. All you need is perfect decision of the direction of ball motion and perfect decision of angle of release to make a perfect goal.

The game gives better experience in larger screens when compared to that of smaller ones. If your device is 7 inches or above then you are the right person to experience the real fun of this game. The current version of the game is designed to work in all devices which has Android 2.2 or higher. This game is one of the best free football game available in Play store. Though this game has good graphical effects and sound effects this game occupies only 8 MB of your device space to give you unlimited fun. Any time is suitable for a game play but when the ongoing tournament is simulated as a game then its more fun to experience it.

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