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Are you a gadget lover like me? Then you’re going to love what I’m about to share here. I’ve just discovered something which is considered as a tech geek’s paradise!

Well, what am I speaking about here? The Gadget Flow.

So what exactly is gadget flow?
It’s a curated marketplace that helps you discover save and buy awesome products. With 12 new additions every day on the gadget flow, you can create your own private or public wishlist access our exclusive discounts and deals. Stay updated with the latest product releases and crowdfunding projects and generate your own personal custom feed from your favorite categories. Gadget flow reaches 22 million people per month has more than 10,000 products listed in a hundred and forty different categories.

Introducing the app.
So far, gadget flow is available only on the website. Now they’ve introduced the app. I’ve just downloaded it on my iPad and I would like to share my opinion about this app.

Note: This is not a sponsored post! The opinions are totally my own!

The app is free, and is available for both iOS and Android…for the purpose of this review, I’m using the iOS one in my iPhone.

Once installed, you may opt to just browse, or you may enroll and take advantage of having your own Wishlist…In simple words, it gives you the ability to make a shopping list of these products which you might want to buy in the future!

The app enables you to explore the most recent additions, check out the Staff Choices or perform a search for something special. Categories include everything from 3D printing to workspace gadgets…there are even tea time gadgets!

There is also a section for gift ideas.. If you’re looking to gift something for someone you can get countless ideas from here.

The Layout:
The layout of this app is simple and easy on eyes. It makes browsing through the products crystal clear. If a product interests you, then you can tap on the image which will open a new window. Here you can see a detailed feature of the product. If there is a buying option “Buy now” link is provided under the image which is nice.

Community tab and sharing:
There is a community tab included in the app. In that, any editors reviews will be shown. And sharing the product made easy with the share icons. If you would like to share that with a friend or with your family you can do that with ease.

All in one place:
This is the feature I loved the most. Gadget flow have come up with their own loved products. You can spend countless time on it because there are so many products out there. Personally, I’ve bought few products from their collection.

• You can see the latest crowdfunding jobs
• 12 amazing new products added daily
• Discover the best new Augmented Reality Solutions
• Product descriptions you will actually enjoy reading
• View products and its specification with top quality pictures
• Research over 12,000 curated products in 144 categories
• You can get exclusive Gadget Flow discounts and deals
• It is easy and quick to find extraordinary gifts ideas for any occasion
• You can create your own private or public wish list

• The app does have a lag. Hopefully, it will solve in the upcoming updates.
• The website version is very easy to navigate while comparing the app.

Apart from these two, I could not spot any problems with the app. To be honest this is one of the best app a geek lover can find.

Final Verdict:
So should you download it? My simple answer is yes. If you’re a geek lover, you cannot find a better app than this. It is a great app which will keep you up to date even if you don’t buy from it. Remember, all the countless information on this app is free of cost.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring gadget flows curated product collection today for free through the awesome app.

Worth Having app – Download the App