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Have you ever been to outer space? There are lots of planets, stars and galaxies that are still to be explored? We don’t know completely even about our own planet earth, and then the rest is just out of question. There are just a few lucky and intelligent astronomers who manage to breach the boundary of earth’s atmosphere and launch themselves into outer space. But the statement that only rich and mad can see beyond the stars, no longer stands. It’s not me who challenges it or is bound to bring a change; it’s our new Android app that has the guts to do so. So, let’s meet our new star.

I am talking about the new Android app, Galactic. The app has been developed by Andronova Mobile. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or later version. Now, as per the name, the game stands in the sci-fi category with a potential to bring a glimpse of shine into your eyes. Just tighten up your seat belt because you’re going soon to be launched into a fast and exotic space journey that is as beautiful as holiday tour but as dangerous as Star Trek.

The game revolves around the outer space mechanics. The gameplay is a little bit similar to angry birds, but a little more complex for the beginners. There are two different gaming modes: skill and sandbox. While the skill mode is a quick launch direct into the game, the sandbox mode is more uniform and steady but interesting as well. You develop yourself from a small meteor to a huge star and if possible, even a black hole. There’s no ending to that as you keep on getting bigger and bigger. The skill mode consists of about 50 different levels and there is enormous content so that you may not worry for running out of stock for the moment.

The graphics of the game are very sharp and delicate. I won’t say to be much detail there as there are mostly some big objects and that’s all; the idea is not to create a real world but instead make a fantasy of its own that is appreciated by the users. I would say that the developers have done a very good job here by bringing in the real-life mechanics in the gameplay rather than just graphics. The user interface is okay; nothing good, nothing bad. The overall layout is nice and well designed.

The app is currently available on a 50% discount for $0.99. Other than the usual gaming features, you can explore the space and find out new objects. You have 20+ achievements to unlock and more than 25 missions to complete. So there’s plenty of stuff to check out and what to say about the experience; it’s amazing! I would recommend each one of you to check it out in the Play Store.

Pros: amazing graphics; plenty of stuff; real-life mechanics.

Cons: gameplay could have been better.

Worth Having Application – Download the application

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