Galaxia Chronicles : An Adventurous Galactical Journey

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Let’s start with a story. You are just a regular teenager living in an orphanage. You have friends and family at home and want to be with them just as any other kid would like to. But then, on a regular day, something irregular happens. Your find your place occupied by aliens and thanks to your luck that it’s you who is actually kidnapped by them. But then another twist turns the story and leaves you completely broken. The alien ship you are kidnapped in is attacked by another race of aliens and you end up alone in a world called Galaxia which is obviously far from our planet earth. But you are determined to return back to your home and get up back to fight your enemies and ready to make friends. That’s how you sign in to Galaxia Chronicles!

We are talking about the new iOS app, Galaxia Chronicles that has been developed by eiVix. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or later. It has also been optimized for iPhone 5 so even the latest users can enjoy the ultimate experience. But iPhone 4 and original iPad users might find some levels running slow due to high-quality graphics. Galaxia Chronicles is a type of space explorer with you, Noddy being captured in the outfits of an unknown world. Now, it’s up to you only to find out the way back home.

The game starts with an animated video which we just described above and can be skipped. The gameplay of the app is somewhat like Mario but with way better graphics and design. You will be jumping off the edges, flying on to the walls but in a completely different world which is in-explainable. There are 35 levels in total in different worlds. Then, in between your journey, you’ll be meeting some friends as well as enemies who will be disclosing some secrets about the different crystals you need to collect and also reveal some of the magic tricks that might be helpful to you. These meetings are generally interesting as you’ll no longer be fighting to just collect crystals but also to discover your ultimate truth, just like that Harry Potter series.

The controls are very simple. You can easily navigate Noddy with the sensor controls and fight your enemies at the same time. The soundtracks are also supporting and encouraging matching with the theme. But it was the graphics part that took the show. Crystal bright graphics with some well designed gameplay really popped out the screen to reality, as if it was some 3D show. Then, there are achievements to unlock and who knows you might unlock that bonus video after completing the adventure. However, the game was a little bit slow and draggy and needs to uplift the difficulty a little bit.

The game is available for $2.99 in the App Store. But for the non-card holders down there, there is a free version also available as Galaxia Chronicles LITE. It’s obviously has limited gameplay to offer but a nice try out for the onlookers. We liked the game and recommend this one to everyone.

Pros: brilliant graphics and animations, interesting story, simple controls, nice soundtracks, bonus video to unlock, free version available.

Cons: a little bit slow and boring gameplay, difficulty level not up to the mark.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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