Galaxy Fighters Age of Defeat : Engaging and Interactive Game

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Galaxy Fighters Age of DefeatGalaxy Fighters Age of Defeat 2015 is an engaging, interactive Iphone / Ipad game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. With quality graphics and beautiful colors, this game competes with many similar applications by making a great first impression. It is immediately visually appealing, with no grainy graphics or flat images. The easy to use interface makes game play intuitive and simple to understand, so that there isn’t a very intense learning curve. Though the game can be challenging, the controls are basic and easy to pick up.

The music is very exciting and encouraging, truly encompassing the feel of this space-age game. You are greeted by a rather heroic looking mascot who takes you through the first part of the mission, explaining the premise. The plot is set in 3010 AD, when a fleet of alien ships approaches and attacks the earth, throwing both sides into disarray. You, as the player, are piloting advanced machinery in hopes of defeating the incoming hostiles.

When you launch arcade mode, it immediately sends you into a game stage reminiscent of Space Invaders or Star Fox, with its own unique twists. If you were ever addicted to these arcade or console games, now you can take it with you! You use your lasers and fireballs to take down hoards of enemy ships, utilizing special abilities such as shields or a fleet of friendly vessels to aid you on your protective mission. Once past a variety of hostile space-crafts, you reach the boss of the stage, who requires quick thinking and reflexes to beat. After that, you are on to the next stage, one step closer to defeating the alien invaders.

Once you have defeated a certain number of levels, you are able to unlock your three utilizable ships, which come together to create Techotron, a sort of transforming robot mecha. After you do that, you are on the road to defeating your ultimate enemy. Though each level increases in difficulty, there is no limit on the number of shields and support you can obtain and use to help you on your mission.

Outside of arcade mode, you also have an available challenge mode, as well as upgrades for purchase. You can purchase more support, shields, or even diamonds with which to buy packages. None of these purchases are necessary to play and succeed within the game, however. Everything that makes this application a functional game is completely free!

Once you have downloaded Galaxy Fighters Age of Defeat, you are able to link the game to your Apple Game Center so that you can compare your scores with your friends. By playing the game and unlocking new levels, you are able to earn trophies, as well as by logging in each day for seven days in a row. The game offers great incentives for playing, though it’s hardly necessary. If you love arcade-style shooters, space, and tech, Galaxy Fighters Age of Defeat is an addictive, engaging new take on an old favorite.

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