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gamesite_webappraterIf you are an athlete of any type then you need to have the Gamesite app on your mobile device. The Gamesite app allows users to set-up pick-up games for different sports on a live feed. That feed can be seen by other athletes who are nearby and might be interested in joining your pick-up game.

Finding pick-up games on the Gamesite app is simple and there are two ways to go about it. If you know someone in your area that plays a sport that you like, you can follow them and see their posts on your feed. The other option is to set up a distance within the app and you will receive alerts for pick-up games within your selected radius. You can set your preferred maximum distance in the “Games Filter.” When I joined I used this method and soon made a bunch of new friends playing basketball at my local park. Now I have several people that I follow and I have several pick-up games to choose from daily. If you find a game you would like to join, just touch it and swipe right, the app automatically adds you to the roster.

Within the app, there are several features to make communication and promotion of pick-up games more convenient. For instance, the Gamesite app has its own internal messaging system, so various participants can communicate before their pick-up games. The messaging system is similar to text messaging or facebook messenger and easy to figure out. It allows Gamesite users to message with their followers, even if they don’t have each other’s phone numbers. In addition, Gamesite can link up to social networking profiles. When you find a game you would like to share, just go to the game’s event page within Gamesite and press the “share” button in the top right corner of the screen. From there, just select which social networking sites you want to share the game with. Gamesite users can share games over any social networking apps they have on their phones.

One of my favorite features of Gamesite is the calendar and notification system. I work a full-time job during the week so I have to plan ahead when I want to play a pick-up game. By using the calendar and viewing games during my time off, I am able to work plenty of pick-up games into my busy schedule. If you schedule pick-up games in advance, Gamesite will remember and send a reminder message an hour before the scheduled game. That feature is a life saver for me, and the time of the reminder can be adjusted.

Gamesite is a nice idea and will work well for athletes who want to find competition nearby. It can be difficult to organize and coordinate a bunch of friends to get out and play. That’s why the Gamesite app is so handy. It does all the organization and coordination for you, all you have to do is swipe on you touchscreen.

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