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There are various online ticketing services available which are moving the world of online ticketing services to mobile apps. However, the experience of these apps is still not good enough. However, that all changed with the appearance of Gametime. The brain child of Brad Griffith, Gametime is an online ticket app that helps individuals purchase tickets online via their mobile devices so they don’t have to run to and fro to ticket counters and purchase tickets at the last minute.


With the help of Gametime, everything related to ticketing for games – whether it be baseball, soccer, hockey, football or basketball – is handled on the phone itself. It makes finding the best seats easy and affordable, not to mention fun. As the app is team focused, an individual doesn’t need to search or sift through all the events and locate the sporting event they want to attend. Nearly thousands of tickets are examined and only the best tickets are presented to the individual who is looking for it. An impossibly long list of seats is not presented. Only the best deals are presented and the savings are passed on to the individuals.

Each ticket listing presented includes a stunning panoramic view from the seat selected so that the individual knows exactly the view they will be getting. After the tickets have been purchased, the tickets are directly sent to the buyer’s phone and no hard copy is required. These tickets can also be shared through either SMS or e-mail to friends or family. The purchase of tickets is fully protected by Gametime Guarantee. A few teams whose games you can be a part of – Chicago Cubs, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Miami Panthers, Detroit Tigers, Sacramento Kings, DC United, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers and hundreds of other teams.


  • Seats can be easily located.
  • Finding seats is fun and affordable.
  • Team-focused ticket listings.
  • Only the best value tickets are given.
  • Panoramic view included in the listing so that individuals know what their view of the game will be.
  • Impressive customer service.
  • Tickets to nearly all major team games can be bought.
  • Tickets sent directly to customer’s phones, no hard copy is required.
  • Tickets can be shared via SMS and/or email.
  • No hidden fees.
  • All purchases are protected by Gametime Guarantee.


  • No purchase confirmation is given. If �Purchase’ button is hit, tickets are bought.
  • All information and photos of an individual is required before purchases are made.
  • Not all games of all major teams are included, just the next 8 games for any given team.
  • While the Gametime has all pro venues and is currently rolling out all major college football teams, there are still some stadiums that don’t accept mobile ticketing so you would still need to print.


The Gametime app is perfect for booking last minute tickets, especially if you are in a hurry. Even though the app is not supported on all versions of Android and iOS, the app is quite good for booking tickets to nearly all major games. Additionally, all purchases are protected by the Gametime Guarantee which means that all tickets purchased are genuine. So, this app is highly recommended for sports fans.

Worth Having App – Download for ios –  Download for Android


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