Gelling: Akeakami: Amazing Tool For Efficient, Interactive and Fun-filled Team Building

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Sometimes, it takes more than individual skills while on a quest for survival. Teamwork becomes the ultimate choice to embrace. Ever gone for a team building retreat? This fantastic outing goes beyond personal enjoyment and presents an amazing team experience that involves all the members. Interestingly, there is more learning, fun and great boost in interactions. Ever thought of a tool that can make such a team building exercise worth remembering? This is exactly what users of the newly released Gelling: Akeakami app are bound to experience.

Designed by Agile Literacy LLC, this fantastic app introduces a quest for survival for individuals planning for a team building activity. As the game suggest, it is all about making the Akeakami tribe survive. Apparently, the game is meant to boost teamwork as a tribe by gathering the essential crystals of life. This is aimed at bringing back the island to its feet. Truly, this well-designed and fun-filled game is captivating and absolutely informational. It is a must-play for any ardent player!

How the Gelling: Akeakami app operates

This is a fantastic game that has been designed purposely to facilitate efficient teamwork. It comes with a great core purpose; boosting motivation, enhancing commitment and increasing wide scope of knowledge to its users. This also contributes to great performance of a team in delivering high quality projects in their areas of specialization. How does one get into the game? Apparently, the game contains the multiplayer feature. It presents two great teams; the Scrum and Agile. Regardless of where the player is, each team highly contributes in boosting one’s skills. Interestingly, there are also other amazing benefits evidenced in this game. They include building of respect and trust, improved problem-solving skills and enhanced communication among the team members. With such a team app, much is achieved than expected!

Compatible Devices for Gelling: Akeakami app

It is clear that this fantastic game has been uniquely designed with high quality features. This is relation to the entire content, interface and the overall performance. Thus, the user is required to possess a high-performing device to enhance its overall operations. The current recommended devices include iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Here are the essential features that one will come across while using the Gelling Akeakami app:

Coordination and collaboration made easier

One of the essential things for any team is working together to achieve a common goal. During such a process, there is great need to have effective coordination. Such a component plays a critical role in ensuring that there is seamless flow in relation to the tasks undertaken. This ultimately helps the team achieve its objectives or projects on time and in the best way. Gelling Akeakami app has been designed to make such collaboration efficient and result-oriented.

Amazing tool for motivation

In order to boost the entire performance of a team, motivation is one of the key elements. The team members feel appreciated and this triggers them to give their best in relation to their performance. Achieving a high level of satisfaction and compliment from the team leader and other team members makes an individual to give the best. Gelling Akeakami app comes with motivation factors that not only makes the game fun but also boost the entire team building experience. It is really worth a try!

Efficient problem-handling and communication

Apparently, there is always the issue of conflict which can emanate from the team members. In some other instances, the conflict may involve two different teams. So, what is the way forward? There should always be a resolution based on well-stipulated conflict-handling procedures. As the player enjoys the Gelling Akeakami game, it is clear that it presents efficient ways of solving different problems affecting the team. This is boosted by efficient communication that ultimately brings a consensus. Besides, the team members can interact freely and enhance their relationships.

Respect and trust highly enhanced

A thriving team can remain focused and establish good relationships if it is based on mutual trust and respect. Gelling Akeakami game takes into account the aspect of enhancing participation of each member of the team in the best way possible. Each member’s opinion counts greatly and the game is meant to instill confidence and trust of each team member. With Gelling Akeakami, it becomes pretty easy for the team to achieve its goals by trusting on each other’s great delivery.

Boosts responsibility and performance

When it comes to team performance, the contribution of each individual really matters. Apparently, there have never been any mysteries when it comes to great teamwork performance. Gelling Akeakami has created a platform where each team member is given an opportunity to perform own task efficiently while in the team. This assists in boosting responsibility and performance among the team members. Actually, a well-functioning team will always record an exceptionally high performance compared to a dysfunctional one.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons that are presented in this app:


· Absolutely addictive and informational

· Fantastic themes and graphics

· Enhances communication among team members

· Multiplayer feature makes it competitive for teams

· Perfect tool for motivation


· Crashing due to bug problem

· Inconsistent in performance at times

Final Verdict

Gelling Akeakami app is truly a next-gen game that is well-designed to give user an amazing experience. It offers great motivation, inspiration and boosts the user with knowledge besides making the entire gameplay fun and exciting. This amazing game has been designed for different groups; they include product managers, executives, software developers, associates, sales teams, directors and even students. Its user-friendly nature makes it simple to understand and enjoy the entire experience. It is absolutely a must-recommend! Get it today for free on the App Store and get started right away!

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