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Software that covers complete geography of the web world and lets you get closer to your audience. In general whenever we visit a website it only shows the website as it is seen in your own country or region. The same website could appear completely different in some other country. Same goes with the advertisements, media and newsfeeds. Each country might show up different advertisements in their website targeting the locals. But how would it be if we can get to see our own website as to how it looks in a foreign country. This would be very useful for all those seo experts and webmasters out there. That is exactly what GeoEdge promises to be. This is quite a wonderful web app that helps you to visit various country specific websites. If you happen to own a website, wouldn’t you be interested to know how your website looks like in another country. That is exactly what GeoEdge promises to do.


To make the best use of the GeoEdge web app all you need to do is log in to the website of GeoEdge official website and download the app. Once you download the app you can install it in your browser toolbar and start suing it. All you need to do is go and select the country from where you want to see your website and it will show it as it appears in that particular country.

Geo specific software:

GeoEdge is Geo specific software that help you view your contents as it is viewed in different countries. That is you get to see what they see. For example the media agencies can monitor their campaigns in different countries quite efficiently. They can also get a feel of the local competition and make smart changes. And as far as the advertisers are concerned, they can improve their efficiency levels, validate their campaigns and also boost their inventory values. This will help them to target new prospects and explore new possibilities.

On the other hand the publishers can make the best use of the GeoEdge application to reach their target audience, identify Geo traffic sources and boost their regional value. On the whole GeoEdge is a simple easy to use tool that lets you do the something unheard off. Just imagine, you get to virtually see all that other country people get to see. On the whole this is very special software that could be very efficient and effective if you use it the right way.


This is a software that all those webmasters, online advertisers, publishers and various other people related to the web world were waiting for. It allows you to virtually transport yourself to another country and analyse anything and everything related to your website. All you need to do is choose the country you want and see the website as it appears in that particular country, As simple as that. At a time when people are using various proxy techniques this is a very simple and effective tool that does lot more that what you expect it to do.

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